Weekend Call to Action – Get on Point!

#WeekendCalltoAction – Get on Point with BluePoint Mortgage! This weekend call to action is for all those Broker relationships I’ve developed over the years!  This weekend print, sign and email me the completed Broker Package – It’s a trial period for 12 months, where before renewal is up, we will earn our right to stay in your lenders arsenal!

We have FHA/VA/Conventional and Non-QM product options.  And on the horizon potentially more products to help BluePoint stand out! 550 FICO is min on Government and options as low as 500 on non-qm! #WeekendCalltoAction

Want to see pricing –  CLICK HERE! – Price out BluePoint today! We want to produce and give no excuse, so there is no credit check and no commergence needed.  Just wet sign and let’s partner together, we will help you drive your pipeline to the finish line.  CLICK HERE for Broker Package!

I’m excited to help all those that we can! Let’s produce results together! As always #SellWell


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