Monday’s Motivation – Guideline Week!

#MondaysMotivation – Guideline week, I ♥ guidelines!  Knowledge is value that dollars follow.  I suggest anyone in the craft of originating loans learn to create value by studying the guidelines of various programs.  To be able to recite the guidelines you know when you need them, or at the least be able to look them up at your fingertips.

No matter what, knowing the guidelines is what can help you structure the loans the right way and experience less issues.  Today I start the week off with two simple but missed guidelines quite often.  If you balance a file correctly at the beginning you can pick to not finance the UFMIP and use the credit associated with the file to cover it.  Same with business debts, knowing what to gain and how they must be portrayed to exclude from DTI is power.  Structure FHA loans to win.  I’m in for any “I gotta guy” question this week.  Contact me on Facebook here!

If you’re not signed up with #BluePoint we are here to help you #GetOnPoint!

CLICK HERE – And let’s do business!  We ♥ FHA loans and go by the guidelines.  We have one overlay basically.  That’s the fact we only allow as low as 550 FICO.  Remember 550-579 FICO would be 10% down or 90% LTV anyway.  We allow manuals and would refer to the handbook 4000.1 for guidelines.  If you want to have access to the newest version on the 4000.1 – feel free to CLICK HERE!

As Always #SellWell


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