Mondays Motivation – Structure or Busy?

#MondaysMotivation – Are you structured to reach your goals by actively doing productive activities or are you just “busy”?  We all make goals it seems but some people are more focused on hitting them than others.  WHY?  What makes people hit their individual goals they set for themselves?

One answer is my favorite, GRIT! They grind it out everyday with purpose.  Weather they know it or not, those individuals striving towards their goals are probably actively doing the productive tasks more to reach them.  My #Challenge for you is to write down your “activities” during the day and actively focus on the productive work that can help you reach your goals.  Don’t just go through the motions of being busy!

This week, I am aiming at my own productive activities to hit my goals.  Are you?  Hit me up in the office all week, I’m focused on helping Broker’s submit loans and help with scenarios’ to make loans come to life!  We also updated our SUBMISSION FORM on the website.  It’s now easier to submit a skinny package and have BLUEPOINT MTG disclose for you!

Submit Today!

As Always – #SellWell

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