Weekend Call to Action -Best Blog all year!

#WeekendCalltoAction – Hello and thank you!! So surprised on the numbers of people that come back to the blog even when I can’t do video’s.  Long story short I feel better now and didn’t break my nose.  LOl! Hoping to have my visual experience with videos back in Dec, but for now I might write a few blogs to still keep you entertained! Thanks for all your support!!

So each week on Friday I’ve done Weekend Call to Action and always talk about some aspect of my training #TheBluePrint.  You see over the years of helping mortgage brokers I talk to those that have loans.  And I consistently ask how do you get the lead for this one? Sometimes LO’s tell me it’s a referral, fell in their lap, relative, or sometimes a generated lead from an active ad campaign, email drip, or general online marketing.  What I’ve been able to identify over the years is #Trends.  And ways the busy LO’s stay busy.  Then with my big curiosity I always tried to give ideas to LO’s or help them create campaigns to help build their branding, exposure and lead capture messages across many different mediums with various different direct targeting at various times of the year.   You see true marketing strategy is going to use trends and seasons to adjust their targeting.  There’s several ways to do this, but paid ads and #Free publicity.  I’m a fan of the #Free way!

For example, during the summer, the obvious is RE Agents.  Right now as old man “Winter” settles in, the transition of referral activity should be shifting and LO’s should be marketing with various “other” types of referral partners’.  This pays off during other “times” of the year.  For illustration purposes, remember the fact that each State may have different waiting times for a divorce to be finalized.  Right now we’re a week away from Thanksgiving! Were there are more “announcements” made all across the Nation.  Maybe it’s a moon and the stars thing, I’m not sure.  But there’s a trend with the number of divorce cases filled during the winter months.  Maybe it’s cause people don’t to buy a Christmas gift for a soon to be ex.  LOl.. In all seriousness though, this is a Trend.  Just like a CPA has a busy season in March/April, but that’s not the time to reach out to them.  Want more ideas, go to the search bar and look up Weekend Call to Action, and gain more ways to generate business, all free.

This weekend think of a email drip campaign that you can “co-brand” with a divorce attorney and shoot the idea to send to your past clients if they (the divorce attorney you find to market with) send it to their past clients.  In a thank you, thanksgiving type of message tailored to both of you.  Then brand it online with a few planned posts promoting each other.  I bet you generate leads for both.  Here’s a great platform for you use to generate quick landing pages, (paid) PhoneSites, or if you like the free way to start, use wofuu.com great place to make free landing pages into a lead capture form.  Draft the email and make the post, both including the link to “sign up”.

I do this type of thing all the time to help broker’s expand their business.  The Blueprint works so well with teaching LO’s a branding strategy to market with and too various audiences.  I teach what I preach and do.  And last week I did it myself just again to “test” a theory of marketing to audiences at specific times.  Before, during and after the CA “camp fire” last week and into this, I did a campaign for a 203H loan to help those involved with the recent natural disaster.  Below are my FREE results at hour 47, (less than 48 hours after ad was placed) I created 47 leads.  All FREE.  Online.



When I started doing this 4 years ago it was with flyers and general old fashioned guerrilla marketing techniques coupled with an online post.  Then it started with a little organic push and pull with face to face and then transitioned to strategies to use in a seasonal format both online and off.  Now if you’re slow and want to partner with a sales strategist that can help you directly use Niche programs to generate business.  CLICK – HERE – !  I’m expanding my relationships now to strategically partner with mortgage broker’s and I offer my coaching on this for a year free.  Like having an in-house ad agency working for your brokerage!  Click Here – I’m starting these now, and looking for broker’s who do not want to have seasonal income, they want to be busy and maintain a consistent level of business all year round.  Let’s go!

As always, #SellWell!!


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