Thurdays Thoughts -Structure and Study!

#ThursdaysThoughts – Any one in Sales this applies too! I spend the week rounding off an AE training with team members, and did my weekly follow up with all on the team.  In the process, I noticed more than one correlation to these tips today, and mentioned it as reminders to both AE’s and LO’s I know.  Your slow?  Your not growing?  Your not getting the results you hoped for?  Read this ↓

More than likely someone in your coaching at one point or another in sales reiterated to have a daily structure for yourself daily.  In many LO training from companies they go over programs, guidelines, features and benefits to help you with product knowledge.  In your daily structure are you time blocking a time to expand your product knowledge and know your own processes, benefits and ways to add value?  Are you plotting out a time during your day to do certain “income generating” activities?

Having structure to your day and spending time to expand your own knowledge is key to success in sales.  There’s no doubt about it.  Maybe this good timing, basic, but necessary for any and all in sales.  Are you busy or are you productive?  Or are you just letting emails dictate your day??

Funny thing is having structure to my day is what I’ve done since being at Ameriquest.  I had power hours where I dedicated time to call out.  Where during my day I always had times to educate myself, do research on guidelines or “accounts” and then plan out my attack.  Bottom line is if you’re in the Mortgage business to win, you have to study and dedicate time to learn guidelines.  As you do it’s increasing your worth to your clients.  AE or LO.  When was the last time you studied a matrix? Read the newest DU release notes?  Or just opened the big 4000.1 and poked around?

I did this whole JUICEMAN videos for me.  It just became entertaining.  Being hearing impaired and darn near deaf, I do not “learn” auditorily.  I learn kinsethetically and visually.  So with that knowledge it helps me learn guidelines by doing the video’s and reciting these guides to help add value to my network.  Think about how you learn best and ways to incorporate a learning strategy to help yourself be better for 2019!

As I always say—



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