Weekend Call to Action – Connecting Tips

#WeekendCalltoAction – Today I go over connecting tips for you LO’s and AE’s.  This is only because I follow trends.  And when I talk to both AE’s and LO’s that tell me people are hard to get a hold of right now, I’m like well what did you do to get their attention?  You see people use the phone in a different way now.  More and more people are ON their phone, but less and less ON a phone call.  You see what people do more than ever before is “see” notifications.

So my point today is easy to understand, how many notifications are you sending to the people you’re truly trying to get a hold of?  Really how many times did someone you want to talk to see your name in the last 3 days?  So you called them on Tuesday and left a message right?  What did you do on Wednesday to show up on their phone 3 different ways?  How about Thursday?  You see effectively you could actually show up on someone’s phone 3 times a day for 3 days without ever actually calling them again.  If your trying to get a hold of someone, are you really attempting to connect with them?

I’m connecting with LO’s and AE’s all across America, and even when their on vacation.  Because I show up on their phone in different types of notifications.  And they see it.  #WeekendCalltoAction = Why don’t you try getting a hold of someone this way.  If you truly want to get a hold of them to add value, solve a problem and be of service to some need or want they have, why not!!

I’m growing left and right, and want to partner with #MortgageBrokers that want a great business strategist on their team.  To help them close more loans and source more business to grow together in 2019.  I’m taking measures above and beyond my typical call of duty and really partnering with those that want it in 2019!! Why not you? — CLICK HERE to start a real business partnership!

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