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Two for Tuesday – Departing Primary and Identity of Interest Transactions!

#TwoforTuesday – Departing primary and identity of interest transactions guidelines on today’s guideline episode! Check it out, lots of questions regarding these two things right at the beginning of the year.  Seems many people are “moving up” or “down-sizing” and want to either rent out their existing home and buy new, or sell their current home to their kids for example.

Departing primary, best thing to remember here, is if the new home is less than 100 miles away and the client wants to retain and rent out their departing primary residence then go conventional.  It’s allowed.  When it comes to selling your home to a family member, assuming it’s a primary residence of say “Mom and Dad” and they want to sell it to JR.  (The Son or Daughter) Then as long as the kid has not “moved back in” then you can sell the home without LTV restriction.  Once the kid has moved in, they have to pay rent for 6 months in order to buy the home.  Seek professional advice from your local Mortgage broker prior to having a bunch of people move.  🙂

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