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Two for Tuesday -BP and Marketing

#TwoforTuesday – I have a proposal today for any broker in FL/GA/SC that’s interested in gaining some new business in the next 7 days.  I will do this free for anyone that signs up or is already signed up and licensed in these states.  The reality is this a great way to #Segment and to make impact to your local community.  It’s simple, and it’s easy to do to market to a specific Geographic area on Facebook.

Sign up with BluePoint Mortgage this week and I’ll make a free tool for you to use, and then show you how to use it.  Yes, you read that right.  I’m talking about Facebook funnels or lead capture aimed with a campaign to help your local community that may have been impacted by recent natural disasters.  Hurricane Michael.  ↓

I have a funnel for this called MarketME – Here check it out -> CLICK HERE

If you’re interested in getting approved CLICK HERE

Better yet, if you’re interested in gaining your own version of this tool to make any and all types of campaigns –> CLICK HERE – I’ll even show you how to make ads and use the tool.

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Weekend Call to Action – The Best of

This week I did a theme of “the best of” Whacked Out Wednesday videos, I hope you liked it.  Today being Friday I typically drop a suggestion that LO’s can use to source new business as a weekend call to action.  I found a good “sales juice” version of Whacked Out Wednesday I did a year ago that fits perfect.  And it’s the truth, the energy and emotions you drive will dictate your “sales”.

Do this now, this weekend, and going forward!  Bring the energy, and stir up emotions and don’t just go through the motions.  Too many do just that.  If you’re already slow, then source new business with a smile that’s contagious.  (Partner with BluePoint)

I’m all about helping my Broker partnerships and I will help close the loans on your desk as well as help with ideas to source new loans.  You just have to do to the work.  If you source new loans with campaigns we generate together, would you be willing to send a loan?  Most say yes, and most are all ears to increase business.  This is just one difference maker we make.  Get on point with BluePoint, and really talk strategy with me to help you grow your business.  CLICK HERE!  #LetsDoBusiness #WeekendCalltoAction – Fill out a Broker package, let’s partner together.

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Weekend Call to Action – Get on Point!

#WeekendCalltoAction – Get on Point with BluePoint Mortgage! This weekend call to action is for all those Broker relationships I’ve developed over the years!  This weekend print, sign and email me the completed Broker Package – It’s a trial period for 12 months, where before renewal is up, we will earn our right to stay in your lenders arsenal!

We have FHA/VA/Conventional and Non-QM product options.  And on the horizon potentially more products to help BluePoint stand out! 550 FICO is min on Government and options as low as 500 on non-qm! #WeekendCalltoAction

Want to see pricing –  CLICK HERE! – Price out BluePoint today! We want to produce and give no excuse, so there is no credit check and no commergence needed.  Just wet sign and let’s partner together, we will help you drive your pipeline to the finish line.  CLICK HERE for Broker Package!

I’m excited to help all those that we can! Let’s produce results together! As always #SellWell