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Whacked Out Wednesday – Plan your Fees!

#WhackedOutWednesday – Plan your fee’s accordingly to the transaction! Over disclosing is a good thing, but it’s not just inflating fee’s you normally place on the LE.  It’s the act of disclosing all “possible” fee’s on the given transaction.  That’s over disclosing.

Plan your fee’s out, and know your transactions.  If it’s a potential flip from the seller, and you’re going FHA with the new buyer, disclose 2 appraisal fees.  If it’s a purchase, disclose an inspection fee, and make sure you round up on the estimate of the transfer taxes.   Transfer taxes can go down, just not up.  Plan for the loan’s DU runs, if it’s a stickler with DU, and it took you several runs to get it approved, well you already probably have additional credit fee’s from the re-issue.  If you have a bunch of collections or want to make a new best practice, add a credit supplement charge “just in case”! Bottom line, plan the fees on your transaction.  That way when they go down in the end, you under promise and over deliver every time.  🙂

Plan accordingly for your fee’s, disclose right, then submit to us and I’ll personally help you knock out these loan in under contract time.  🙂   Can’t wait to help, fill in the below and #LetsDoBusiness ↓

As Always – #SellWell