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Two for Tuesday – The Dodd Frank Rollback!

#TwoforTuesday – The Dodd Frank rollback, and how it affects you Loan Officers! Well there is more than two changes but the best one’s I highlight and go over.  This is a big week for those ramping up a pipeline for the summer.  Either you are in it to win it with several types of campaigns running to feed you leads or you are missing the boat.  This video’s longer, but I highlight the changes and how it affects the daily life of a LO!

Hint it doesn’t really;

This week I am going to help set up several campaign strategies for LO’s that want to have the best summer they’ve ever had.  10X your business with a lead strategy to help you stand out to your referral partners and take charge of your pipeline this summer.  I do a bulk order of Facebook funnel advertisements for LO’s and lower the barriers of entry to allow those interested to get in the game.  It’s all about a power play, a way to generate leads to provide your referral partners, build a brand and culture online! And it helps many take their business to new heights when they implement a social media marketing campaign strategy.

Get the inside scoop here! 

As always – #SellWell

Monday’s Memorial – Part 1 – Dodd Frank rollback memorial!

#MondaysMemorial – Part 1 – Dodd Frank Rollback memorial special.  Today I reveal how the Dodd Frank rollback that President Trump signed affects Veterans.  I go over a few more details.  And then tomorrow I analyze how the whole rollback affects you Loan Officers!

This week, is yet another important week for you LO’s looking to start campaigning online.  I break down the barriers of entry at the beginning of yet another month!  The goal is to help as many LO’s as possible “get in” on a bulk order of Facebook advertising funnels as a done for you solution.  It turns on a faucet of leads.  And this is the way to doubling or tripling your business.  I do recommend you have several campaigning strategies working at once.  However, right now, the most important one to have running in some shape or form is a Facebook ad that produces leads like a machine.  Oh, yeah, that’s what it is… A lead machine.

If you want to know how I’m lowering the barriers of entry for this #BulkOrder of Funnels fill in below!