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Whacked Out Wednesday – It’s the action plan, not the information!

#WhackedOutWednesday – Instead of goals and dreams what if you just take “massive” action and see what happens!  Seriously, this is what people pay for all the time in the land of coaching, and information.  It’s shocking to see what people do, they are willing to pay for information but not take that information and put it into action!  So odd to me.

This is what seperates what I do from a lot of others.  I don’t just sell any digital product or information and send you on your way! I help you take action and walk you through the action steps to implement it.  If you are an action taker, my blueprint that I have will help you.  LO’s say they want exposure and leads, but they don’t take action enough.  Or they take the first step gaining the information but don’t actually implement those teachings.  It is WhackedOut!

Where I excel and always have is the LOA.  It’s a numbers game.  I’m looking for a numbers person, not a lazy LO.  I can explain what the blueprint consists of all day, but for those that buy and do nothing it turns into no success story.  I ♥ success stories, and what I’ve been doing for years now is helping Broker’s and LO’s actually source business online.  This year I finally opened this up to others that are not in my network.  And technically if you’re in sales of any kind you can take the information that I provide in #theBLURPRINT and apply it to your business and gain results.  Key word is apply.

You have to take action and be willing to get out of your comfort zone.  For those that have, the best is one LO that got 17 viable leads in one week.  Another tripled his exposure and likes in one weeks time on his fan page.  Just about every person that has implemented the blueprint and took action after gaining the information has seen some form of success.  The key is this helps you gain leads free by pushing and pulling your messages into social media land.  And that has to be consistent.  Without consistency it doesn’t work.

It’s funny cause I see and hear stories almost everyday about someone whom tried a Facebook ad, and are “waiting” for leads.  (Did it fail for you too?) There is two ways to have paid ads really work on Facebook.  **PRO TIP – Either have some econ geek optimizing your ad for you (costs $$) or learn to help your ads click through rate, and lower cost per click by having an organic presence around the ad.  There are a ton of ways to do this.  #TheBLUEPRINT is a stepping stone and gets you ready to take the next step of paid ads if that’s what you want to do.  I don’t teach that, I teach the organic side that you need to know PRIOR to running ads.  It makes all the difference in the performance of the ads.  Also, why not be gaining free leads because you incorporate a weekly organic ad campaign that doesn’t cost a dime?  Seems to make sense to me, but why people don’t take action I just don’t get.

It’s #WhackedOut for sure, but the name of the game is to take action.  And for those action takers out there, I can help you leverage social media and level up your game in 2018.  Click the link HERE for the #TheBLUEPRINT!  Get started today!

Thriving Thursday – Social Media Pay’$

#ThrivingThursday – Social Media pay’s dividends to those that work it right.  It is a new art called “social selling”!  Some don’t realize that you can use social media backwards.  Yes, you can connect with those you know, but more importantly start using to connect with people you don’t.  I’ve been teaching my #BLUEPRINT product which is a step by step guide on how to build a Facebook Fan page and learn to leverage it for FREE EXPOSURE! And it works wonders!

I am getting feedback that LO’s are networking with new referral partners as well as gaining more leads FREE on social media.  Just saw feedback from another LO doing this and social media has helped him go from 4-7 apps a week, to 4-7 apps a DAY!  KILLING IT!!!

For those that don’t know, there is TWO ways to do this, the FREE organic way (which I teach to all in my network) or to use PAID ADS to help you gain more qualified clients.  The results are self explanatory, what would you do with another 80-100 leads per month?  What I teach is how to generate leads free first, as what this does is prepares your page for a paid advertisement (funnel) to get more results.  The purpose is to create leverage and increase click through ratios so more people fill out your (short or long form) and the cost per click becomes less.

Once you see results and are provided analytic’s that show you buyer or seller leads being generated at approximately 3 dollars or less per lead, or VA/FHA leads being generated at 8 dollars or less per lead…. Well bye bye Zillow! Why pay 40-80 dollars per lead when you could be getting them EXCLUSIVELY for yourself at a FRACTION of the cost.  WOW is what I have to say!  I am changing people’s paychecks and would love to include you.  Weather you want to learn more yourself by the “free” way or you are interested in “paid ads” to boost your lead count like yesterday… 🙂

Click here to have a call to go over how these instruments are critical to help your company remain competitive in your market!  In fact DOMINATE your local area.

**Sponsor #oftheweek is an element that we can’t get these leads without, it’s the funnel platform, the lead page, the landing page, the lead capture formula! It doesn’t matter what you call it, my take, it’s necessary to have one! LEADPOPS is  great company to utilize to help you do these funnels by yourself.

#SocialSellWell – There are three options to dominate your area.

  1. Get the info and learn to run funnels yourself.  (this is when you get your own LeadPops)  Takes longer time, however some are ready for this. Take advantage of the tool, and LeadPops is giving away a FREE TRIAL.  Click above for that.
  2.  Get the info to start learning how to use Facebook fan page organically to create FREE LEADS yourself with push and pull campaigns on your own.  (for those that have little to no money for advertising and want to start) —> CLICK HERE FOR THE BLUEPRINT!
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#SocialSellWell – Can’t wait to help you double your business! 🙂


Thanks for the order!  You have landed here because you sell something or own a business and want to know how to increase your exposure and gain leads on your own Facebook Fan Page!  I am going to detail just exactly how to do this.

It all starts with your personal profile.  First off, I assume you have a FAN PAGE!  So let me ask you if you go to your profile is that the “first place” Facebook says you work?  If not change it so it is!  The first part of making this happen is dressing up your fan page as I call it.

Here’s the place to start, first and foremost, you need to make sure the right logo’s are on the fan page, website, phone number, a call to action button (you can change what it does later), and perhaps some sign of what you do on it!  If people go to your page is it clear to them what you do?

Second, go to the “home button” you see at the top of your profile (desktop).  On the left there is a list of shortcuts.  Underneath that is a section that says EXPLORE!  Look at two distinctive areas.  PAGES and GROUPS!  Whom ever’s personal profile is connected as admin to that Fan Page you wish to grow, that person must do a few things in these areas.  I will detail what next.

PAGES – Spend time looking at your business strategically.  Seriously, many sales people have a need or want for referrals from specific “types” of partners.  Those partners aren’t just people, they are business, or they have business.  My suggestion is to look at all the pages you are currently connected too and categorize them.  You may have fan pages that are doctors, lawyers, CPA’s, real estate agents, technology companies, local shops, etc.  The point is to write them down on a list, especially if that business partner could be a referral lead source.   Make note of them, categorize them to utilize later.  If your partnered with 20 Real Estate Agents, write all their page names down.  It will become handy to have a cheat sheet later when you create marketing campaigns.   Second thing to do with pages! – Find other people that may have active pages in your area/market that could potentially be referral partners and start liking their pages.

Real life example, some of the mortgage broker’s I have helped had a lot of RE Agents but not many financial advisors, CPA’s or Divorce Attorneys that they networked with.  By going through this exercise they liked several pages that later turned into gold mine referral partners for them!  My suggestion, think outside the box.  Each industry may have different types of main “pillar partners” but the common denominator is to use that page as a gateway to get “in” with them.  It’s easy once you’ve liked an active page, to engaged with that active page, and then to reach out and introduce yourself to that referral partner business.   You can even find out whom the owner may be, or office staff to help you get past GATEKEEPERS!  Go figure right!  🙂 BIG SUGGESTION here, later when I show you the “why” on doing all this set up, it is also strategically a good idea to be able to personally be friends with whom even “owns” that page. (or an employee of that page)

Now that you’ve #step 1, dressed up your page, step #2, networked with PAGES and JOINED GROUPS that down the road could give you referrals, how do you gain their attention and gain leads already?  Ok, that’s simple, the purpose of having pages you’ve liked that are referral partners is to later on, PUSH your message to all their audience.  The same concept with Let me explain how..

This is the first of the very important sequence of types of posts that have the most impact on a fan page.  It’s called a PILLAR PARTNER POST!  Let me paint a picture.  A Loan officer whom was networked with a builder, liked that page the builder had.  They also saw an engaging post from their audience.  Say a picture was on it too.  You could go to that post a week later, and share it onto your fan page.  My suggestion is to “tag the owner” as well, (remember it’s important to be personal friends with that individual or employee of that page) but you prop that pages’ success out, you mention how you can endorse or recommend them.  It’s that simple.  By doing that to the relative post, everyone that has already commented or liked it also will see your Fan page post.  Free EXPOSURE>!  Also, if you tag the owner in the business on the post, you gain exposure to all their friends as well!  Again Employees as well.

Here’s the high level of this all.  With a fan page some people know this, some do not…..


It’s called scheduling.  When I go over “making the campaign” you will see me reference this again.  But the short of it is to click the small “down triangle” next to publish.  Go ahead, try it.  Write a post on your fan page, then you will see instead of publish, click the down arrow.  You will be given a couple of options.  1.  To schedule.  Which I recommend to use to create these campaigns.  That way you have a strategy to almost every post.  Second, it allows you to “back post” which makes it seem like a fan page has been around a while, when it can be “brand new”!

Now on to GROUPS!  These have a rhyme and a reason too.  And I suggest that you visit the groups that you are in and write them down to again categorize them for later “campaign use”.   The purpose of EXPLORING (remember under home, and EXPLORE section on the left) groups is to target where your audience could potentially be.  Because later on you will find relevant articles & add value to that type of group, post it on your fan page and then SHARE IT onto the groups relevant to that subject matter.  Re-read that last sentence.  Highlight in your mind, relevant value to that subject matter group your in.  This is key to getting your post seen.  And NOT being viewed as spam.  In some groups that admin may have settings that the post is needed to be approved.  So the goal here will be to post something you care about, know about or can endorse, it doesn’t need to be “your industry related”.

What I suggest that works well.  Follow your passions!  If you like boats, or cars or motorcycles and you’re in those groups, you can find a way to add value to that group relevancy and promote your fan page subtly.  So, think again outside the box.  For example, those in mortgages, need to look up garage sale groups in the county they are in.  (ex, Orange County Garage Sale Groups).  As you look these up for the local areas or areas you serve, join them, post, comment and like other peoples posts.  Make a presence in the group a week or so before you “drop an ad”…or “article per say”.

Now that you have dressed up your Fan page, made sure you have connections to pillar partners and like their pages, researched groups and joined any relevant to your industry (or passions).  What’s next??

With Fan Page posts there is a SEO component that you would want to take into consideration.  Such as any relevancy to what you do.  #LowestRatesinOrangeCounty #BestmortgageBrokerinTX  These are just examples, however #Hashtag’s go a long way.  And serve as search engine optimization queue words when used on a consistent basis.  So make one up that can service for you.  You will use it on several posts over time to create a SEO relevancy.  I suggest that you have three or four hashtags that you use over time.  Rotating between posts when you use them.  Use them to spruce up your marketing and add a touch of flavor for example.  If you post about a “cause” for example, the hashtag you use could be relevant to the post.  #DonateforHarvey Just a recent example, but this you will find as a strategy later on.  Bottom line, no post should exist without a hashtag that brands you in some way.  And there is no such thing as too many.  lol.  Well maybe there is, but the point is you can have more than one hashtag on a post.

So, you taking notes yet?  Step 1, dress page, step 2, networked with Pages and Groups, step 3, find owners or employees to tag for each fan page you are going to do a campaign with.  (friend them) Step 4, think of a few clever hashtags to start using on all your posts.  Key here is to write them down and utilize them over and over.  That’s what creates that SEO component.  So when other’s search on Facebook for any of those hashtags your post and exposure grows.

Ok, you have a foundation now!  This is awesome.  There’s one more thing I would suggest you do.  Before you get EXPOSED to the types of posts to “schedule” and the Rhyme and Reason behind it, you could stock up on a few PICTURES to make it easier.  What I mean is the 5 MAIN FB POSTS to help drive ORGANIC LEADS TO YOU, will require a few of them.  🙂  If not every post as well.  Not every post needs a picture, but I am going to start with the number easiest way to schedule posts on a fan page.  READY?

EDIT***Add, after 2 months and over two dozen purchases to the Blueprint now, some of you are continuing some of you are not.  Those that get it, did the exercises mentioned above.  I recommend you grab a blank page out of the printer and write 5 hashtags to refer to later at the top left.  On the front side middle, write “Pages” at the top, and on the backside middle write, “Groups”.  Now think strategically and start listing the pages you want to “create campaigns with”! This is YOUR BLUEPRINT.  To do the below sequence of posts in the most effective way, make sure you DO THE WORK! Create your own #BLUEPRINT that will help guide you to push and pull your page on Facebook, with clear concise intent.


  1.  POSITIVE POST – This is what it sounds like ladies and gents.  Go look at my fan page again.  The Mortgage JUICEman.  All the posts I have on my page are designed to help the mortgage broker’s take a positive saying, and persuasive quote or a PMA (positive mental attitude) type “meme” and create a positive “INTERACTION” between your fans.  People begin to interact.  Like, comment or share what you post.  When this happens you gain more relevancy on facebook’s algorithms.  That is part of the key to this.  (WHIP EFFECT)
  2. POST SHARE – This is where the GROUPS come into play.  Most all of my exposure and growth has been natural and organic on my page.  How I did it was through a blog posts share, or a Positive Post share, or a relevant added value topic to that group.  I would drop guidelines, and tips and tricks etc. for mortgage brokers’ to generate and complete more loans.   And I was in all the mortgage groups I could find.  If you took the exercise seriously above, this is where having a cheat sheet comes in handy.  Painting a picture for you, a broker was in 14 boat groups, because he loved boating.  And seeing his “categories of groups” he was in, he found an article on boat financing.  He posted one sentence in sharing the article on his MORTGAGE BROKER FAN PAGE.  It read, Awesome article on boat financing if you need a home financed call me.  #notspamIpromise #Readthearticle #AwesomeSantaFeBroker Then the article followed.  He scheduled it to show up on a Tuesday at noon.  When Tuesday came around he saw the notification at lunch with a RE Agent.  He just hit the share button and shared it with like 10 groups he found in his listing “boat” when he was searching groups to share it in.  Took him just under 7 minutes he told me.   Later on that night he went back to his list and found out he missed sharing to another 4 or so groups.  He did this “after getting 3 private messages” inquiring about a loan.  Needless to say the broker was shocked.  He then shared a Positive Mental Attitude quote in the same groups the next day.  By the end of the week, people in the group where messaging him for questions about loans or all types..  And he gained two things group relevancy (he commented enough engaged enough and posted enough in the groups to be viewed a valuable contributor so to speak)  He now regularly drops info about boats into these groups.  All the while the same hashtag is now used.  By repeating these steps in segments of campaigning with the types of groups he is in.  He finds articles to share in the relevant groups he is in.  Strategically he posts and hashtags or “subtly” advertises his business.  Car groups, bike groups, travel groups, garage sale groups, motorcycle groups, gardening groups, you name it groups.  There are ton’s of them out there.  Make a post about relevant info to that group making it considered value to those that share similar interests.  That simple.  You post this ON YOUR PAGE.  Then AFTER the post is scheduled to show up, SHARE IT INTO THE RELEVANT GROUPS.  This is how ORGANIC EXPOSURE IS PULLED onto your page!
  3. PILLAR PARTNER POST – This is where the fun starts.  This is possibly the MOST POWERFUL WAY to grow exposure right out the gate.  Especially when your new to posting on a consistent bases.  Later on I will go into a schedule of all these types of posts.  However, the Pillar Partner Post is related to the PAGES you’ve like upfront that could potentially be a PAGE that you share onto your PAGE.  Tagging the owner in the message of course 🙂 and then propping them out! Concept is that simple.  To do this effectively you should hopefully have taken the advice in the beginning in set up stages I mentioned and wrote down the names of the people you have PAGES with and CATEGORIZED them as well.  You see, all this started with my back story, and how a mortgage Broker needs to network with various pillar partners from RE Agents, to Insurance Agents, to Lawyers, Divorce Attorneys, CPA’s, Financial Advisors etc.  I would teach them to create an excel spreadsheet and categorize them.  That way they could use it as a follow up tool per say in networking.  Here’s a real life example, a mortgage broker was “friends” with a builder owner.  He had a fan page, and when the broker went through his list of builder partners, he found one had a page.  The idea here is to look up those PAGES that you’ve done business with or could be relevant referral partners, like their pages and connect with an employee of the page or owner of the page.  Go back through those pages every so often and find a post that was engaging, that had likes, comments, post shares etc.  Go like that post, and Share it on your page as well.  By doing so that page’s fan’s and the people whom engaged in that post have a chance to see your page in their news feed.  Also a great idea to tag multiple employees of that page and find PAGES (referral partners) that have more interaction.  Back to the story, the mortgage Broker found a post that was engaging, he commented and like that post.  It was a picture of a builder doing a “ground breaking” picture for a new neighborhood build.  Complete with hard hats and big scissors cutting the ribbin between the sign to the neighborhood.  The builder had all his main employee’s in the picture and that post had some 30 likes and 10 comments.  HERE’S A TRICK, YOU CAN’T SCHEDULE THESE POSTS!  They have to be shared instantly.  So, in planning a campaign for the week the Broker saw this post and made a mental note and plan to reach out to the Builder whom he was connected to.  That next Monday he randomly called that builder and messaged them on FB messanger.  The owner replied and they talked.  He loved that the mortgage Broker was willing to ask permission to share his post onto their fan page, and the builder was very open to a new referral partner.  The Broker just asked the owner to like the post and to feel free to comment their website on the post the next day.  In the next 24 hours before the post, the builder mentioned it to his workers and a few of the employees asked the Broker to be “friends on Facebook as well”.  By “SYNDICATION” means and planned marketing that builder was excited to see another person advertising their page!  Tuesday hit and the post was shared by the mortgage Broker and it looked like this;  HEY BERKLEY COUNTY, if your looking to BUILD your DREAM HOME!  BOB SMITH (tagging the owner) and the ABC Construction group (tagging the page) is the place to call!  #Icangetyouqualified #Hebuildsthehome #Idotheloan  #Reachoutandletushelp  The picture and post from that fan page was then underneath the hashtags.  The mortgage broker even “tagged” the new friends he had made in the last 24 hours whom where 3 of the additional workers at the construction company.  HIS POST WENT VIRAL>  He got like 21 leads in three days.  This is the trick to PUSHING AND PULLING people onto your page by promoting someone else.  (A pillar partner of course!)
  4. PEOPLE POST – This is a great way to help engage with your page and “real life”.  Other people love to see you have a pulse.  Your not just a promoter!  I could call these “culture posts” as well.  This is the type of post where you show your progression in the office.  The new hire’s you mention and welcome aboard.  Tag them in that post.  The culture in the office, the picture of the latest closing, the birthday celebration, the transition into the “new office”.  Anything that has to do with your business really.  The inside, the day to day that can be a way to boost others, congratulate someone, give recognition, or promote your internal values.  These mean a great deal to those that “follow a page” and will help you grow your WHIP EFFECT through out a campaign.  I would also consider any and all reviews you can get from customers as a “PEOPLE POST” that you can schedule to promote.
  5. PERSUASIVE POST – This is the post I would call the biggest pitfall of fan pages.  Most fan pages have no consistency, and no other “type of post” that helps them build interest and followers.  It’s nothing but “i’m the best, buy my stuff”.  Seriously if you look back at your Fan page right now, is there more posts that say we offer the lowest rates or we are the best at X?  Most have too many of These types.  For every 2 other types of posts mentioned you could have 1 Persuasive post.  Suggesting to sign up, buy your stuff etc.  Simple as that really.  This is the funnel post, this is the sign up now post, the one with the link to the landing page that gathers contact info (leads right!).  These posts are great to use a promoting hashtag on, #BestOrangeCountyMortgageRates or some picture that promotes your business, your new incentive, discount or value added.  Again it’s the “Persuasive Post” so be creative and have fun.  I advise that you custom tailor the times to coincide a few hours “after” another post from that given day.  So if you do a “PEOPLE POST” at 2pm, schedule the “PERSUASIVE POST” at 5pm or 7pm.  I again suggest for every 2 of the other types of posts on a fan page that you throw in a “PERSUASIVE POST” that promotes your business.

I hope you all are liking the value add in this and I in reading this again myself am excited to see some create action behind it.  I will plant the seeds on how I do this scheduling and give you an idea of how easy it can be.  After over two years of focusing on helping other Broker’s pages gain exposure by managing their pages I created a schedule that I would stick to and it always worked wonders.  It was a combination of all these types of posts.  Typically on Sunday’s when planning for the week’s posts I would spend 2 hours programming like 10 different pages.  I doubt you have that many.  What will happen is if you do the work suggested to prep for this, sitting down and executing a plan every week for your Fan Page is VERY VERY EFFECTIVE in driving organic leads and business partners to you.  Here’s how I outlined it.  Some form of this could work for any type of business doing these posts.

Monday thru “end of week” Schedule;

Monday – Positive Post in am; People Post in afternoon, Persuasive Post in early evening.

Tuesday – Positive Post in am; Pillar Partner Post in afternoon, Persuasive Post in evening.

Wednesday – Positive Post in am; Post Share in afternoon, People Post in early evening, Persuasive Post later at night.  (right before 10:30 pm)

Thursday – Positive Post in am; Pillar Partner Post in afternoon (different category than on Tuesday, so if Tuesday you did a RE Agent, you do another Partner category like a CPA/Financial Advisor etc.), and then a Persuasive Post in the early evening

Friday – Positive Post in the am; People Post in the afternoon, Post Share before end of business on Friday.

Saturday – Positive Post, People Post or Persuasive Post and could be random during the day.

Here’s a visual of the calendar that could help.  If you do these daily with intent you can start to “SEGMENT” as well.  That is when your marketing really can be effective. For example, all posts have a VA theme for a week.  All Pillar partners you share on your fan page add a VA benefit for example.  All the shares of articles or videos you share from your fan page into various VA groups.  You have to continuously add yourself to groups and be on the look out for ways to “segment”!


Reminder, you need to tag the business owner of the page or employees on Pillar Partner Posts, and you need to have a plan to share your Post Share type into as many relevant groups that the article or share could bring to.  So you have to have a plan of attack.  What I always suggested is to give yourself a business day to get a hold of the pillar partner that you will be sharing their info onto your page with.  Let them know, reach out to the page with a message for example.  Then ask for SYNDICATION in that if  your promoting someone else that they like the post and comment their website.  That way they are signaling the acceptance and appreciation of the endorsement you are doing.  While that do that, they are also “scratching your back” because they make your post on your fan page seen more.  I would then after two days go by of promoting that PILLAR PARTNER I would call them and ask for a referral.  It keeps you fresh on their minds and they remember what you just did for them.  Strategically this is a great mastermind way to go through your list of Pillar Partners and one by one prop them out, give them endorsements and recommendations.  All the while they are liking (employees too) and engaging with your post.  That their friends have the potential now to see.  By doing the easy one first in the day and programming a PMA quote of some sort it starts the foundation to the WHIP EFFECT.  Then in the afternoon when you promote others, and tag them, and or share something in groups, it creates more PUSH and PULL onto your page.  Then at the end of the day, the momentum that those other posts created help your PERSUASIVE POST that suggests people sign up with you.  🙂

This all should and can take maybe 10 minutes to 2 hours for any person that does it right.  Plan it out, find your pillar partners to share something with, plan a follow up and then do it on the day you plan it.  Then on the days you do a POST SHARE all you have to do is spend 4 minutes or less sharing that post from your page in groups.  (again relevant to that subject matter)  If you do this for a month, programming and planning your posts weekly, you are more than likely going to double your PAGE LIKES, and triple your current engagement level.  Over time you will hit leads organically doing this.  Just make it easy in how you “dress up” your page for others to see what you do, and sign up for your service.  (ie reach out to you, or take an order).

A couple of bonus pointers;  If I was “just starting” my marketing campaigns I would look to make all the posts for a week center around a theme or campaign that I create.  For example, if the Mortgage Broker lived near a few military bases, I would suggest once a month dedicate a week long “campaign” that focuses on VA loans for those in the local area.  From the POSITIVE POST (military related) to the PILLAR PARTNER POST (maybe they help vets in the area too and they did a picture you can share) to the POST SHARE (relevant news to those in the military, shared to military groups on FB in the local area..ie UAW HALL #435) Schedule your plan of attacks and marketing campaigns to coincide with each other.  Then it helps your overall message.  Second big tip, the POSITIVE POSTS are the best one’s to start, it could be a “word of the day” or a “saying of the day” or it could be a quote from Tony Robbins you like.  Remember I told you in set up stages to go find a bunch of pictures to reference later.  If you already have them saved, it could take you less than 5 minutes to program 5 posts for the am everyday of the week.  Some days you could have 1 post, some days 5.  But rotate the type of post.  I suggest you use post engagement to help you with the WHIP EFFECT and I suggest you ask others blatantly to like posts that either support what they believe in, or perhaps promote them.  Just like it’s not a bad idea to back through your past clients and ask for referrals and or ENDORSEMENTS and REVIEWS it is also ok to ask a partner or employee for example to like and engage in the posts for a week.  That’s called SYNDICATION and the more you use it, the more exposure it will bring you.  Last major tip, make sure you make new HASHTAGS and use OLD ONES all the time.  Just about every post should have HASHTAG.  And if your PILLAR PARTNER has a hashtag they use often, that is a great idea to use it in your PILLAR PARTNER POST!

There you have it, the BLUEPRINT to successful Fan Page Marketing Campaigns.  Now it’s up to you to implement these types of posts and complete the activities that associate with them.  If you want to have more PAID action and RUN A FUNNEL that can capture leads.  After you implement a campaign like this for a month on your fan page, and are over 100 likes, your page will do decent in running ads.  Especially if you post a PERSUASIVE POST that is a funnel that later on you promote.  If you run an organic campaign that takes you less than 1 hour a week, and then couple it with running a funnel, the best idea is to ask those PILLAR PARTNERS to SYNDICATE with that funnel/PERSUASIVE POST first.  Make the post, get some likes and comments and then a day or two later go back and “boost that post”.   That is called social stacking.  And the more you prep your page with organic reach, the more successful a paid boosted ad can be.  The cost per click goes down and the click through ratio will increase.  (Especially if you share your PERSUASIVE POST FUNNEL with others) Tag them in, ask for likes from syndicate partners, and then share that post in relevant groups that your product/service adds value to.  (or solves a problem).

The biggest problems with fan pages I hope I’ve helped you overcome, from not getting any engagement, to not knowing how to grow your exposure naturally.  If you take the time to prep for PAGES and GROUPS in the beginning creating the post and the ideas for them will come easier to you.  #SellWell.

Feel free to give me feedback as well.  I can’t wait to see how others do!  Happy POSTING and GROWING your Fan Page to give you FREE LEADS!  If your interested in learning more on how to actually run the funnels after you have an active page for a month or so as I recommend, click the banner below.  As I said, I am not a funnel genius, I am a fan page guru and have grown organic leads for many different types of pages now.  The most successful paid campaigns have an organic PUSH element from the page owner they are utilizing (these posts) to get better numbers on their PULL marketing campaign. (Funnels).  Join Us In Creating Excitement (JUICE) and join the ENTOURAGE TODAY!

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Nope! We keep using our own methods and have networked with the biggest funnel builders in town.  In fact these are the guys that endorse that hard core closer guy that I just mentioned above.  Yep RYAN STEWMAN!  He endorses this company of Funnel builders for all the sales industries.  Insurance, Car sales, Mortgages, Real Estate you name it.  So what’s that mean to you?

Well through this network I have access to the team that can custom tailor done for you solutions for you for Facebook ads.  Not the cheap stuff.  Totally opposite.  I’m talking full on Robots to autoresponder’s that stalk your prospects in a way it makes them sign up with you.  LOL>  Yep the real deal.  In fact, it’s such a real deal you get a free CRM, a Funnel, a community page, a six month email drip campaign and then management of that funnel to help optimize the number of leads you get.

So I help you learn to have FREE leads from your Fan page, and turn that into investment in your own business.  And Facebook turns on LEADS like a faucet! You better be ready, this is no joke, you will have more to call than you can handle typically as a one man band.  I hope you have a team, or want to turn it up and level up with advertising cause now you know how.  The resources are all in front of you.

I am here to help provide solutions from one funnel, to a combination of 5 funnels.  However, no matter what I value you, and your business, and just paying for ads without even knowing how to organically create leads thru the blueprint is just wrong I believe.  In fact I know, that when you have a paid campaign running beside a organic push/pull campaign you can leverage that message to go further.  Reach more, and engage better.  The cost per click goes down, and the conversion ratio goes up.  So I believe in any that have paid ads should also know how to incorporate organic leads as well.

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