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Two for Tuesday – Spread the word on DUAL markets

I want to help stimulate the market by educating the consumers and businesses on the DUAL market opportunity that presents itself in times today.  This market has NOT been around for over 40 years, and if you are a homeowner, watch this video!  Seriously consider getting a “move up” analysis from your local mortgage broker!  I can help connect the dots, and if your looking for someone that can help you, let me know, I will refer you to the best mortgage Brokers across the US.  #SellWell – has a new meaning today 🙂

Two for Tuesday – Two Exceptions to DTI

Two for Tuesday, for the love of FHA.  And the “I gotta guy” questions I get all the time. When you run DU and it doesn’t approve the loan, but gives you options to refer to manual guidelines.  Here’s the tips for DTI exceptions on manual underwriting for FHA.


Weekend Call To Action – What’s your ETA?

Effort Trumps All (ETA) and this Weekend’s Call to Action is about just that.  Your effort! What are you doing to go the extra mile during the weekend, or do you shut down at 4:30 on Friday.  TGIF – The Grind Includes Friday! #SellWell #SalesJUICE

Two for Tuesday – LP & USDA

Some great announcements on new guidelines for the two products.  For the love of GUIDELINES today!  Two for Tuesday! #SellWell #LoveyourBrokerday

Happy Valentine’s Day

Weekend Call to Action – Video

TGIF – The Grind Includes Friday’s… and the weekend.  I do these weekend calls to action to share ways to source business and help LO’s everywhere.  Mine are typically requiring you to get off your buttocks and do something… But every once and a while I’ll suggest to spend money on something to have a high rate of return.  If your an LO, and you are not thinking about ways to STICK YOUR NECK OUT THERE, your missing the boat.  You are in a big referral business, and the only way to succeed in the loan world is to open your mouth.

You gotta reach out and attempt to make contact.  You have to build relationships everywhere.  And with the recent turmoil on the MSA baloney I had mentioned how Builder’s are WIDE OPEN FOR THE TAKING.  Mark my word, some LO that doesn’t care what others think is opening his/her mouth and networking with potential builders right now.  It’s happening.  And builders read my blog, trust me a ton of people did.  I suggest you get out of your “comfort zone” and start networking with builders.

GAS STATIONS ARE HUGE.  No joke every town has one.  And every morning between the times of 5 am to like 9 am trucks full of construction workers stop at the Mom and Pop shop gas station and fill up on snack cakes and gatorade.  No joke, they all have a sign on the side of the trucks they drive, it’s obvious.  And you see them at stop lights all day during commutes.  Shout out, ask them, “hey really quick, I’m interested to help to help you obtain more clients for home improvements.”.  WHAT! You will catch an ear real fast.  I’ve done it myself.  And then say, “I get others looking for cash-out all the time to do home improvements and can refer you clients”.  Just as they could potentially visit a clients home that is looking to do repairs or upgrades and then refer that client to you to solidify the money source.

This is out of the box thinking, however I paint the picture cause it’s as easy as that.  Watch the video below, I have another opportunity I paint a picture for to help you LO’s on networking with builders.  I would suggest again just sticking your neck out there and making a wave.  Call a bunch of builders in town, start networking, linking with them on social media to start build a relationship.  As the year goes on, check in, follow up, and if your half way good at sales I bet you get a bite.  And some builder will refer you a client.  It all starts with you taking action.  This weekend, prepare yourself for Monday, make a list of builders to call and then take action.  Nobody is forcing you to succeed… lol.. Hope you do that yourself.

Here’s the video;

Sell Well and have a great weekend.

New Videos start next week, so stay tuned.



-The Mortgage Juiceman


CFPB is changing the game.

Yet again… And for MSA’s BIG TIME.  I think this will affect Builder’s BIG TIME, right as the ground softens.  Winter’s not over, but a cold front just waved through.  And if you didn’t know, I’m referring to the most irritating, hardest objection to get around if your an originator.  It’s when Builders give incentives to have a client go through “their” preferred lender or forfeit certain incentives. TOTALLY STEERING.

Recently the CFPB slapped the wrist of yet another mortgage company.  And this time the Real Estate firms associated with the “deal” get slapped too.  And it’s all because the RE listing suggests that a certain lenders pre-approval is preferred and had kickbacks or marketing “budget” that was moved around monthly.  Let me ask you originators, have you ever come across a lead and the prospect says their shopping compared to a “builders lender”?  Every LO’s face just cringed.  It’s the worst, and as an LO even if you offer a better rate or lower costs, if that prospect uses you, they lose out on certain “upgrades”.  And benefits for their builder deal.  I’ve seen it time and time again.

Well the CFBP is sending a crystal clear message with this case.  And I bet, mark my word that some builder that steers clients to a certain “lender” or they forfeit certain benefits, will be going down next.  Big time.  It’s the worst thing an LO hears, they already know they can’t win against the builder’s lender and feel trapped.  For years this has been the case.  This summer might be a different story.  The kickback or benefits of using preferred lenders in some Marketing Service Agreement (MSA) will be a no no going forward.  Wait that was the way it was designed in RESPA years ago…. Oh, yeah, people are still trying to find holes or cracks to slide through… I also think more of the public eye and consumers as a whole (even RE and LO’s) are reporting these kind of practices that make for an unfair advantage.  Heard that’s how this happened, a competitor of the mortgage company snitched on them.  Good.  I think the CFBP has got it right on the preferred MSA’s out there and how they are wrong.  But I don’t see anyone bring up the builders benefit aspect.

In my opinion as long as the LO and RE agents are diversifying themselves and not doing all their business with one person, then they should be ok.  Never make it even look like your steering loans to one place.  The old saying, never have all your eggs in one basket right.  Just don’t put something on the NMLS listing that says all offers must be pre-approved by XYZ bank.  Or from an LO perspective never advertise conjointly with a RE agent and have exchanges of value.  Keep things generic and or a representation of the company that sponsors you. This is a great move technically and in turn helps the consumers and level’s the playing field.  No one person or lender is “preferred” or should be advertised that way in my opinion.  All approvals or pre-approvals are taken at face value of what they are, and lenders are expected to perform if they issue it.  I think it’s a win win to have this, and really  this kind of action was needed more than 5 years ago.

Builders are the worst in offering incentives and or taking them away if that “preferred partnership” is not used.  As far as RE agents go I don’t see someone saying they won’t show a house to someone, or they won’t accept an offer if not using that preferred party.  I am not a RE agent and don’t know how they could “take away a benefit” if that lender was not used.  However if they place it in a written ad on NMLS stating all pre-approval’s need to be through XYZ Mortgage Co.  Well then you have steering.  Stay away from that is my suggestion.  Still builders are and have been the worst at this.  And I think this new message could have lasting affects with not just kickbacks, but the taking away benefits to a client for not using a “preferred lender” they have a MSA with..  And for the better.

We’ll see this summer.  Everyone should be on the look out for a builder that says use my company or forfeit some aspect of potential gain on the building of the clients new house…. I hope builders get the message and it spreads.  That’s a new no no.  Well there you have it. The CFPB is changing the game again.  Nobody is preferred, or compensated for steering loans towards a certain lender partner.  Makes sense.  Clear cut and dry.  Message and Law has been around for a while (RESPA).  Why are people still trying to cut corners is what I ask myself…

AS A RESULT. What I see is opportunity.  If I was originating loans, I would be using this as education for those builders that “have a MSA” or preferred lender and educate them.  Partner with them NOW, and offer to be a balance to their portfolio.  The last thing a builder should want is a track record of having all their closings with one entity.   (hardly any LO’s network with builders)…. This is key.  And wide open for the taking.  That’s cause they all had “their lender” they steer clients too.  And LO’s know this.  All you need to do is start adding value to them by education on this.  New “partnerships” are about to be born, hopefully with no MSA attached.  lol.  No one should be preferred any more.  My suggestion, stay away from even the looks of steering.  RE agents you should network with at least 3 LO’s from different companies.  LO’s you should network with 30 RE agents. 🙂  And builders you should have at least 3 lenders you can recommend.  No one person/lender from RE to Builders should be “preferred” and no benefits taken away if those partnerships are not used.  It’s not fair to the consumer.

Happy Origination’s

Happy Builder partnering

-The Mortgage Juiceman


Success gravitates towards speed

You know what’s funny.  Is I’ve done this several times in my professional marketing and sales career where I just totally “burst” with success as a result of my actions.  Like the feeling of that first sales job where you put your head down and have a burst of energy that leads to your launch.  Whatever, launch that may be.  It’s absolutely like an airplane taking off.  That arch of a half pipe in the X games.  A burst of energy is what launches you.

From recruiting to sales in B2B where that relationship is based on a reoccurring sale and service provided, the bulk of your “business” pipeline is broken down to a handful of prime accounts.  The 80/20 rule.  80% of the business is generated by 20% of the accounts.  Same with the source of where that business is coming from.  80% of the business is generated by the top 20% of the sales force.  So what makes the difference?

Speed!  I am sure of it.  If you know me I’m the guy you would think is drinking red bull all day.  Totally a “BURST” of energy.  Especially when starting something new or beginning a new marketing campaign.  I used to love when a mortgage company would come out with something new.  I remember being in several positions when the “product” just came out.  And the “burst” of energy upfront from all the sales people generated a lot of momentum.

That is called “taking off”.  The arch I was talking about.  And if you come in to win it like it’s your first 30-60-90 days and really put forth effort.  You will see some form of success.  Success gravitates toward Speed.  And if you apply this to your ventures, your marketing strategy, culture and sales efforts, you will see success.

Not long ago I had a big “burst” of energy where I signed up a bunch of wholesale accounts all at once.  Then that burst helped me service those accounts and generate a revolving 20-30 Million dollar pipeline monthly.  What made me sustain that success over longer periods of time than most is that energy I would turn on and off.  Like an airplane, you back off the throttle when you get to a certain point and then service it.  Even put it on autopilot.  lol  Means alot in that analogy with today’s auto-responders.  As I look back at it, it was a small, 30-60-90 day plan that I kept pushing myself to do.  I used to write quarterly reports and in it always placed my schedule.  I blocked my time.  And each quarter I shifted WHERE I HAD MY ENERGY SPENT.  I spent time focusing on training others at certain segments in time in both my retail and wholesale experience.   I spent certain times focused soley on continued education or expanding my product knowledge.  I spent certain time focusing on prospecting and at certain times was sourcing additional business.  By doing this in little bursts of energy and focus on different aspects of my business, I was always one of the most consistent guys.  Maybe not 1 or 2, but always in the top 10 or 20 in production and falling into the top 20% tier.  In all of the sales I’ve done.  Analyzing how I did it, made me realize, it was a consistent drive of “bursts” of energy on any one focus in my business.

Speed generates success, when success is gravitating towards speed.  When that burst is diversified to accompany various aspects of whatever you do.  Over as period of time, that 30 day plan to work on one aspect is a bigger 60 day plan that comes to life.  And the final 90 days of that period is where you would identify as the launch.  I bet most reading this that are top performers can relate to what I’m saying.  They can remember a “burst” of activity they did at one time or another that generates 80% of their business or relationships.  Funny I’ve done this same thing when I originated loans.  I look back at all the times there was any awards won or testimonials or stories that stick out in my sales career.  In each that I remember there was a “burst” or take off moment that is momentum that creates more momentum.  The saying the best time to sell something is when you just sold something.  Couldn’t be more true for most sales people.  Just some fail to bring that energy when it would’ve counted.  They never “launched”.  And in the cases where I sold the most and saw the most success I can always remember an energy about me.  So I try to come with it daily.  He we are on the last day of Jan 2017, you going to have momentum to burst into February? How bout your goals this month, did you put in enough energy to hit them?

Mr Motivator today

The JUICE is Loose

-The Mortgage Juiceman


Motivational Monday

Funny I made this video over a year ago, and still applies today for sure.  The Mortgage JUICE is flowing all day, let’s connect as I have options that can help you close more loans. My passion, excitement and purpose is to help others daily, why not have additional options to close more loans…Persistence and Taxes the two things we have to have done.

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