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Monday’s Memorial – Part 1 – Dodd Frank rollback memorial!

#MondaysMemorial – Part 1 – Dodd Frank Rollback memorial special.  Today I reveal how the Dodd Frank rollback that President Trump signed affects Veterans.  I go over a few more details.  And then tomorrow I analyze how the whole rollback affects you Loan Officers!

This week, is yet another important week for you LO’s looking to start campaigning online.  I break down the barriers of entry at the beginning of yet another month!  The goal is to help as many LO’s as possible “get in” on a bulk order of Facebook advertising funnels as a done for you solution.  It turns on a faucet of leads.  And this is the way to doubling or tripling your business.  I do recommend you have several campaigning strategies working at once.  However, right now, the most important one to have running in some shape or form is a Facebook ad that produces leads like a machine.  Oh, yeah, that’s what it is… A lead machine.

If you want to know how I’m lowering the barriers of entry for this #BulkOrder of Funnels fill in below!