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Weekend Call to ACTION – Follow Trends

#TGIF – The Grind Includes Friday – You got it! I ♥ doing these #WeekendCalltoAction segments as I attempt to help LO’s across the country learn how to build a pipeline.  I give out viable activities that any LO can do to help themselves gain more leads, close more business, and connect with more referral partners.

Someone at the beginning of your career told you to “Go wide” with Realtors, and to network with them to gain a referral partnership that can help your pipeline.  Most LO’s do this, however, most miss the boat on when to go after different pillar referral partners, or to even do it at all.  I talk to a lot of LO’s with various levels of experience all the time.  And the one common denominator is that the successful one’s have multiple “types” of referral partners in their own roster.  It’s NOT just Real Estate Agents.

I suggest you do the same, and do this EARLY in your career.  You should be networking with all types of pillar partners, like CPA’s, Financial advisors, maybe a credit repair person, insurance agents, of course RE Agents, builders, attorneys’, heck even carpet cleaning services, moving services and inspectors.  I would have a spread sheet I develop with tabs for each and make it a goal to add 5 in each category quarterly.  lol

The key to all this is TIMING!  My advice is to follow trends.  You see right now we are in December, and at the end of the year each year is the time more divorces are filed than any other time of the year.  Most states have a waiting period and typically it’s 6 months.  Start following up and engaging with this pillar partner now.  Then in late FEB early March follow up, and in June July in the heart of purchase season you could add some refi’s to your pipeline when someone’s divorce is finalized and needs assets split.  No matter how you look at it each and every one of these pillar partners has a prime time.  Use these trends to engage and partner with them.

Want to learn to do this online and how to social sell at a whole new level to increase pillar partners?  This is what I teach LO’s to do.  And those doing it are KILLING it, they are not slow.  They are implementing #TheBLUEPRINT! You can too, hit me up or CLICK HERE! #SellWell

Two for Tuesday – Push & Pull

#TwoforTuesday – Push and Pull marketing is where it’s at! If you don’t have an organic push campaign at the least your not doing marketing right.  Well you might not be in sales.  lol  Having some Fan page, or online presence on several social medium platforms is a must.  Not just a personal account, I’m talking about a business fan page.  Something that you can actually “program” to do work for you! Yep, just about everything you see me do on social media is scheduled, I’m actually rarely on it during the day.  Because I’m on the phone calling the leads that the posts and interaction give me.

So here’s the thing, if you ever tried a paid marketing campaign on FB and failed one of two things existed.  1, you do suck at sales and maybe need to go do processing work.  Or 2, you didn’t have a combination of someone optimizing those ads to help them gain leads or you didn’t have an organic campaign running beside the paid ad.  Yes, that is by definition having a Push & Pull campaign working beside each other.  When I spoke to someone just yesterday they mentioned they had a bad experience running ads, and when I asked about what was done to help the ads gain leads, they said nothing.  They really didn’t know!

I’m not here to sell you a paid ad campaign (yes I am) but it all starts with having some organic Push campaign.  Sure you can have no business fan page on FB and run ads, but if you do the person running them better be an economic’s geek that can optimize that ad to reach more people.  Meaning re-target the advertising to gain more clicks and you gain more leads.  There’s definitely a skill to that.  And I don’t do it.  I lean on the Pro’s that have been doing it for years.  In fact, I offer the ad copy that has the best conversion rates out there in almost any sales field.  Not just mortgages.  And these guys help optimize the advertisement to literally have you swimming in leads.  No joke.  Here’s a campaign result for you.  Just one small one.  Started mid week, and with 30 dollars in ad spend generated 14 leads.  Do that math, that’s 2.15 a lead!


But hey, again I’m not here to “sell” you into doing them.  I only offer them to those that are serious about NOT BUYING LEADS ANYMORE, but rather CREATING A LEAD GENERATION MACHINE!  You see for years I’ve helped my Broker’s actually gain leads organically.  And now have my own digital product I sell to help others in or out of my network start a BLUEPRINT to help themselves generate leads FREE!  Then when they want to up their game up and do paid ads, I have the open door to the best ad copy and the best management service for those that want to run paid advertising campaign.  #jussayin 🙂

If you want to start but don’t know where to start, the best place to do it is with your own Facebook business fan page.  I have a BLUEPRINT that shows you how to set up your page, and what type of posts to do to organically to push and pull your messages to social media land.  CLICK HERE FOR THE BLUEPRINT!

For those of you with an advertising budget that want to immediately see some results like above, CLICK HERE FOR PAID ADVERTISING AD MANAGEMENT

My advice, no matter what you should be Pushing & Pulling your marketing to help yourself gain more exposure!  I didn’t make this up, it’s in the marketing books! 🙂  I just got really good and doing them.  And I’m for hire to help you.  If your a Broker in my network you get even more perks with me helping you grow your business! Fill in Below, let’s work together on many levels! ↓ #SellWell