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Two for Tuesday – Noah & Luke – My Story Part 2.

#HappyHalloween – #TwoforTuesday – My story part 2, loving this story as this is where all the marketing started, almost 10 years ago.  I wanted to make a special shout out to two people that helped me develop my legacy, Jay Shienbuam and Tony Nuckles.  I probably spelled their names wrong.  We always used to just refer to Toe-Knee-Knuckles. – Hands down what a great experience at this time, the ISM’s of the Quicken culture I still embed in my business today.  In fact, I’ve helped develop culture at other places in my career and they all had a similar focuses.

My Legacy is this; I am the possibility of other people living the life they desire – through positive thinking, dreaming big, having blind faith and in the pursuit of sharing success with others.

It is through a passion behind other people that helped me do what I’ve done and continue to do what I do.  (more on that tomorrow)!  The best thing I had in my origination game working for me was the skill to work my LOA, and to read the information given to me.  See the video.  We used to make 100 calls per day, with a goal of pulling 4 credit reports and gaining 1 deal.  100-4-1! That was the average we aimed for.  To hustle like that with leads any decent sales guy had a potential to rack in 20-30 deals per month.  It was just very time consuming.  And eventually I left to help my TWO FOR TUESDAY’s that had just been born.  Noah and Luke my identical twin boys.

When I stopped working at the Q, I took some time and wrote my first book, “Persuasion as an Art”.  – Grab a copy today!  – If anything the subliminal messages today, invest in yourself, create content, and always be learning.  And second if not the more important one for you LO’s out there, READ the conditions prior to sending them in to underwriters.  Read your title work, read the appraisal.  Look at it of issues that may stick out.  It can help you avoid pitfalls.  #knockwell today!