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Whacked Out Wednesday – Reactive VS Proactive!

#WhackedOutWednesday – Reactive VS Proactive! – When it comes to the mortgage business you can expect that you will need to be both, reactive and proactive.  IT’s a given.  However, if you find you’re being all reactive then there’s a problem.  There should definitely be a balance between the two.  And I think this applies to all projects, all jobs, and life in general.

Get a piece of paper out, and write down a “to do list”! Be proactive in looking at the pipeline, in looking at your goals, in looking at your projects!  There’s something to be said for those that make a plan and act on it.  This is how goals are reached.  If you’re not doing this you’re missing an element in what you do.  What ever it may be.   My advice is to always be writing things down “to do”, especially if you say you’re going to do it.  Nothing worst than being let down by someone who says they will do something and then they don’t.  Don’t be that person.

Business is both a reactive and proactive contact sport.  What you do most of is where your business goes.  Are you spending a set amount of time being proactive and prospecting everyday?  Are you using social media to grow?  Are you being relevant to reaction when needed but proactive in preparation to prevent reactions to be needed?  Purchase season is wrapping up, are you slowing down or keeping a consistent influx of business going?  Good questions to think about.

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