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Mondays Motivation – Get Video Marketing!

#MondaysMotivation – Video marketing is a great tool.  I’d suggest it for just about everything.  From prospecting, to pitching, to asking for referrals.  You could even use it to help expand your referral network by showing your office or culture in a video.  People want to work with “interesting people” whom can add value to them.  Start standing out yourself, turning your phone sideways and hitting the record button is not hard.

Do you need a fancy smancy video openner? – No I didn’t have one for two years and it still helped me.  Do you need to be perfect? – No, in fact, be imperfect on purpose, show you are real.  It will help you get past being video shy.  Video is the way to make impact and I would suggest you try it to client by maybe doing a video follow up.  Instead of calling give your client a pipeline follow up and let them know how their loan is going – In a short video.  Send it to their email, text and IM.  And at the end ask for a referral.

I bet you see some action from doing this.  You will notice your message is received and you will have fun doing it.  Video marketing can be used for just about any part of the process in a mortgage, and the more you embrace to use it, the more business automation it can help you have.  You can make one video as a body to deliver the said message on a loan or process, and just create a custom intro so it’s tailored for the client/prospect.

If you do this right, it’s a home run in a many ways.  If you do nothing, you’ll soon see a video from your competitor in the area.  – I promise.  Get video marketing, start today!

As always #SellWell – For your start in the BLUEPRINT to help you have a place to put your “video’s” – hit me up! – I have the Facebook fan page blueprint to help you gain exposure, and do it FREE.

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