Thursdays Thoughts – Straight from the heart of wholesale!

#ThursdaysThoughts – Straight from the heart of wholesale mortgage business!  It’s amazing to see the growth taking place and lenders shutting down.  2019 is the year of the broker! It’s already happening, and the lenders that are not a true partner to the independent mortgage broker are struggling.  What I specifically mean is if there’s lenders where they focus on anything other than wholesale, mortgage broker’s are aware.  And the independent together channel is more wiser this round of growth, they are picking true partners to do business with.  For those lenders that have “other” focused business, from Correspondent, non-del, and retail presence it seems the growth is skipping them.

I did a fun video while out at NAMB National in VEGAS just last month.  Thanks to MNN (Mortgage News Network) I was able to stop by and do a short video with Andrew.  See that below! Two videos today!

From my perspective I love ♥ being on the right side of true partnerships and adding BIG value to my #MortgageBroker partners!! This year I’m doing so much more to individually partner with Broker’s to help them grow their company! If you want to #GetOnPoint with #BluePointMtg here is the LINK TO SIGN UP! #LetsDoBusiness

Here’s the added bonus today and the second video for the blog, shout out to the Mortgage News Network! Thanks Andrew for making me look small, fat and bald.  lol Appreciated being on, look forward to doing it again!

As I always say, Share, Interact, Like, Repeat!


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