Mondays Motivation – Sales Goals and Routines!

#MondaysMotivation – Sales Goals and Sales Routines! Here we go March is in full effect!  Hard to believe the 1st quarter of 19′ is almost over!  Are you honing in on your routines and touch points?  For those new to sales, having follow up at certain stages of a loan, or stages in a pipeline for example, is a good idea.  Having follow up routines and cadence routines to sales is key.

Make the most of March by honing in on our “activities” that are helping you achieve the goals you have.  Weather that’s prospecting or following up, or a mixture of both.  It’s part of sales, no matter if you’re new or old to it!

This week I’m in the office taking “I gotta guy” questions and scenarios and turning them into submissions on live loans!  #LetsDoBusiness

For pricing CLICK HERE

For Broker Package CLICK HERE

I’m all about helping any way I can.  Let’s chat pipeline growth together! Place “scenario” in the subject line and attach any credit, DU/LP and a 1003/1008 and SEND ME AN EMAIL! 

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