Whacked Out Wednesday = Why Mortgage Broker’s are Better!

#WhackedOutWednesday – Why Mortgage Brokers are Better!! Today I go over 5 advantages of working with a #MortgageBroker for everyone to know.  Tomorrow I’ll go deep into one of these advantages.  Today I wanted to highlight a few things that stick out to me that the general public and LO’s at banks should know.  These are reason’s why a #BrokerisBetter.

If you’re a mortgage Broker and want to #GetOnPoint with a #WholesaleLender that can add #Niche programs to your lending arsenal – CLICK HERE  For me I try to add value many ways, not just know guidelines and help get a loan funded.  I help my broker partners build their business.  #LetsDoBusiness #BluePointMtg

As I always say!



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