The Sales JUICE!

Hey did you know – In over a decade in Wholesale I learned all about marketing and helped some of my direct B2B clients manage a facebook page, create content to boost and gain leads, as well daily post content.  By creating a plan of attack to post several things would happen with a business page.  It can grow a following, real fans that engage and interact and cause you to have an explosion of sales.  It doesn’t matter what you sell, if your in sales or self employed you can exploit your business page to gain more business.

There’s an art to pushing and pulling messages on social platforms to engage others and sell something.  Hopefully a solution to common problems that you solve.  If you are interested in my organic playbook for “the BluePrint” feel free to CLICK HERE.

It is through my experience of helping other small business owners run campaigns to generate the business to send to me business to business in wholesale mortgage space that I now help others take advantage of building a brand and maximizing reach potential.  Weather it’s to fill a bar, promote an event, sell out a meeting, solicit store front traffic, sell a car, home or anything tangible there’s a way to do this online that will spike your growth.  It all starts with the BluePrint!


Shawn "The JUICEman" Devlin