Thursdays Thoughts – How bad do you want it?

#ThursdaysThoughts – How bad do you want it?  Some say they want it, and some take action.  Some seek to learn and some just want to sell.  If you thought about being online more, or how to generate business on social but just haven’t done it yet – Today’s your day.

I have several solutions I’ve been growing for the past three years now.  What I will do is give you the results, the testimonials and the full BIG picture today – WITHOUT you having to input your name, or email or any lead capture.  I promise.  You can watch, read and poke around all you want.  —- Feel free to do so — CLICK HERE

Funny thing is those that put their mind to it find a way, find a solution or find results.  Many have tried and failed with online marketing, the key is they tried.  The solution is to try again.  But do so with more creative intent and guidance to make sure you do it right this time.

You want it – And want to do it all by yourself, then start with an organic presence and learn to push and pull your campaigns free, without paying anyone anything.  #TheBLUEPRINT can show you how to expand your referral partners and use social in a brand new way to step up your sales game.  If you do so currently organically and struggle with content or copy to make, I have a solution for less than 10 bucks a month.  9 dollars and 97 cents is the cost of the membership group where I’ve partnered with various LO marketers that kill it, and we provide ad copy and various tricks and tips for you to #Copy #Paste #Post #Profit from.  Mortgage Marketing Syndicates – feel free to join.   Don’t want to “pay” anything and just want to network, there’s over 4000 mortgage pro’s in Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s that share, ask questions and help each other daily.

Want to step up your game and have a solution that turns on a faucet of leads for you to increase your at bat opportunities?  CLICK HERE – And read and watch the videos, there’s no need to put in your name, or email address.  I have testimonials to examples in there to help you get the bigger picture.  When your ready, I’m taking orders for the #BULKFUNNEL order today and tomorrow.  There will probably be 20+ people that double their chances of increasing their business this summer as a result – Will you be one of them??

Make the most of what you got, or learn to do it yourself, or invest in a solution that does it for you so you can just do what you do best – Sell!

#SellWell – PM me if interested.  I’m in the office all day.  The JUICE is flowing!

Wonderful Wednesday – Expand your Knowledge, Expand your Capabilities!

#WonderfulWednesday – We talk a lot about networking, and the ability to gain business from various sources, you should also be looking for trends and information to exploit.  What I mean is find news sources or channels of information you can follow, watch or listen too.  That the source of information can help you gain knowledge and expand your own business with that new found info.

Too many times I see people post a worth while read, and then others just like it and don’t actually read the article.  Each and everyday as a professional you need to be expanding your mindset, your knowledge of your craft.  And look for trends and information that can lead your path for you.  This is how you grow and will get the best “ideas” for your own business.

Taking a “Plan Do Check Act” type approach to how you do everything within your business is exactly what I suggest right now!  The reason – There’s a shift going on, and there’s one thing prevelant! – Wholesale banks that embrace technology, and have great processes to help the overall “experience” of both the client and Broker are the mortgage banks that will make it.  Other’s buying the market for volume, or not addressing the operations side along with the market segmentation of business will bleed out of the market.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this prediction was right.  However, I bet wholesale is going to grow.

Now more than ever it’s important to align yourself with processes and systems to make the overall client experience one online.  As well as interactive from a marketing perspective.   Those that focus on the broker wholesale business will grow and those that make the experience A+ will be the one’s that grow market share.  So my call to action today, subscribe to my channels and others online, find more news sources that will help you gain info to use for your benefit.

I show Mortgage Broker’s all the time how to make a full business plan and a market segmentation penetration plan.  LOL.  I love big words that lead to big action that lead to local market domination.  The wonderful part, I get to do this now for a wholesale lender in a major way.  More news to help you get on point to come!


Two for Tuesday – Number 2

#TwoforTuesday – I talked guidelines this am, so number 2 is about marketing! Yep you guessed it, you can’t close more loans without more prospects.  Just like the last three months I’ve done a bulk order of funnel advertising systems, the sale starts this week! #BulkFunnelSale

Today I break more of it down so you understand your options! If you want a 3-5k product for half the price because I get a bunch of LO’s to gain lead machines at once this is the best deal out there!  Hands down, and as far as the results go, I’ve only promised 125-150 lead area for most geographical areas and with a 500 ad spend the results have been astounding.  Yes you have to pay for the ad to run on Facebook.  That’s what FB does.  It shows your ad to people we target in areas of your choice.

It’s all done with a professional management service for your advertisement.  That’s the most important part, and what is the reason your ad will give you results month in and month out.  Most are seeing 200+ leads with a slightly less than 20 dollars a day budget.  That’s around 500-600 dollars depending on how long the month is.  Most start at that point for ad spend.  20 dollars a day will get you a few thousand impressions and then some good 2-5 leads a day.  Sometimes north of 7.  But all in all, ad spend dictates lead count if relevancy is optimized.  This is what the management service is for.   And the longer you run the ad the more information you will have to retarget it, and make the most out of ad spend you have.

Here’s a result of one funnel from the first full month in on the campaign:  214 leads for 2.78 a piece.  What would you do with that many more opportunities?


This management package is what starts the project.  You pick one of two options, a 500 dollar retainer monthly to have a professional service optimize your ad to gain results, or a 750 option.  The difference I explain in today’s 2nd video.

What you will get! Well this is a bulk funnel order of done for you solutions that can turn on a lead faucet to help you grow your list of prospects.  Then it comes with a follow up sequence built in (Or customize-able based on which option you choose) that will help your conversion of this marketing campaign.  NO DOUBT – A professional service will turn on lead flow.  But what you want is to convert the people interested in a home! (the advertisement) So what we do is set you up for success, and I put my own personal training to work for you.

First you get the ad made for you, it takes a few days to build out as this is a custom built advertisement for you.  And it’s run on a community page we will make for you.  The reasoning for that is there is a relevancy score associated with community pages that is higher than that of a business page.  Plus it hides the salesman a little.  People are more opt to “subscribe” into an ad from a community page than a business page.

Then you will get set up with a CRM that the leads will go into.  This is all part of the package, and technically what you pay later in the month for.  Inside the CRM there is a sequence of SLY DIAL, TEXT MESSAGE and EMAIL DRIP campaign all programmed in so when leads opt in, they start the sequence.  Depending on the “management package” you choose, that set of sequences may or may not be customize-able.  I suggest the customizable package, as it includes chat bots on your page as well.

Half way through the month the second invoice is taken for first installment of the purchase of the funnel.  500 on the 15th, and then 500 on the 30th.  Simple to understand, you’re getting a 3-5 dollar professional funnel built for your advertisement for 1k.  You do have to select a management of that funnel and is what starts the project.  (since that is a re-occurring item monthly) So if your math is right you’d be at 1500-1750 for the complete funnel deal and management month 1.  Then ad spend would be a separate expense.  Since it takes about a week to completely build a new ad project your expected ad budget would be less than 400 on month one.  Even at 20 dollars a day.  So depending on the management package you do pick (500 basic or 750 customize-able) you would be 1750-1850 area month one with 500 plan or 2000-2150 with customize-able plan.  Month two you wouldn’t have to pay for the funnel again so you would have your ad spend and your management package.  Assuming the basic package and 500 ad spend budget, you’d allocate 1k monthly to generate 125-150 leads.  Again most campaigns are pacing to do a lot more than this, but I like to set expectations you can hit a mark on.

To help with conversion, what I do with those that join my bulk order is give them my organic training #TheBLUEPRINT free.  And with this help them with social selling and the ability to convert the leads they get.  You are invited to take the free three day workshop or just use the information.  Also this month, I am including a month of #phonesites free with sign up.  What we’ve done is lowered the barriers of entry and allow LO’s to see results before they pay for it all.  500 starts, on the 15th the first 500 for the funnel is taken, and then on the 30th the last 500 is taken.  Once you’ve paid for the funnel, the community page, and the data and leads are all yours to keep.

There’s a big difference between buying leads and owning a lead generation machine.  And when you own one, you either need to run it yourself, or let a professional do it.  I offer a gateway to allow you to get in on generating leads, let someone else run it and you get the benefit of being able to do more of what you do best – Sell loans.

Here’s the full “funnel” for the advertisement bulk order.  Go thru this, watch the next video and let me know when your ready to start!  🙂 –  BULK FUNNEL ORDER HERE!

As always – #SellWell or should I say #MarketWell


Two for Tuesday – Guides for Reserves

#TwoforTuesday – Guides for Reserves!  Many out there ask as if doing an investment property without reserves is an option on a Fannie or Freddie loan! – No it’s not an optional thing, you must have them.  Today, I will break down a quick reference to reserves for you.

Written in stone is the guidance on second homes and investment properties.  However, Jumbo and Non-QM loans seem to always have reserves, it just varies based on investor and program or transaction type you choose.  See video for more ↓

Today, watch out for the second “Two for Tuesday” video again short and sweet this afternoon.  #SwitchingItUp is always good!

As always – #SellWell

Mondays Motivation – Enter DU 10.2

#MondaysMotivation – DU 10.2 rolled out over the weekend!  Hope you don’t have a file that needs re-run! – All jokes aside, this update was #JUICY!  I think there’s some great changes especially to BK rules, and site condo’s.  I break down the changes, sorry a little longer today, but also took FOREVER to upload.  lol

Change is great to get “on point”! More changes coming and will be helping more in the masses as we go through the year.  I am super excited to help those with marketing this week, this is the week I do the #BulkOrder of “done for you” marketing systems for those that want to change their own pipeline.  CLICK HERE to get the full scoop!

As always #SellWell

Weekend Call to Action – Realtor Survival Kit!

#WeekendCalltoAction – Realtor survival kit! One of the best ways to make a first impression is to offer help to the RE Agents if possible.  And in the past week, I’ve seen a few things that remind me that each RE Agent is open to having someone accompany them at an open house.  You just have to ask.  I bet you’d be surprised.  If you don’t get one that is open to having you, find a few that are having open houses and drop off a Realtor survival kit while they are there.  I promise they will remember you next week when you follow up!

2 minutes or less all week with the video’s.  It was great to go short and sweet, got a lot of views as a result too.  Are you doing video?  Might be a good idea to do in your follow up routine, send a text of a short video to your prospects.  Make your message a personable one.

WANT MORE IDEAS to grow your business?  We have a group for that – Mortgage Marketing Syndicates – For 9.97 a month starting in July you can obtain all types of ideas, pics, ad copy and things to do to pump up your pipeline.  We even hashtag #Copy #Paste #Post #Profit on posts you can use!

As Always – #SellWell

Thursdays Thoughts – Get Landing **

#ThursdaysThoughts – Get Landing pages to help you advertise your products, grow your referral partners, get people signed up for events or just say you have the lowest rates!  Any way you slice and dice it you need to accelerate now, don’t let your foot off the gas!

I see a lot of LO’s that get busy and then “stop” or slow down with their advertising or expansion of referral partners.  When your busy that’s the best time to network.  Not when your slow.  Get Landing pages to help you develop these types of campaigns in under 5 minutes.  Like ZERO tech skills are needed.  And is half the price of what click funnels and some of the other platforms that help you, but cheaper, easier and quicker to take action with! It’s Phonesites! And it’s 47 dollars a month.  That’s it!

Don’t let off the gas, get on point! The point is now, the point is a must to create multiple lead magnets that create you interested prospects based on your ad copy! I can show you how to implement all of this.  Inside our exclusive LO group for those taking action many are using various types of organic and paid campaigns to gain leads.  We provide YOU the opportunity to #Copy #Paste #Post #Profit from the ideas we provide.  Feel free to join here —> Mortgage Marketing Syndicates!

As Always – #SellWell

Whacked Out Wednesday – Get over the HUMP!

#WhackedOutWednesday – Get over the hump this week knowing you are NOT alone!! There’s stress levels in this wonderful game of mortgages and ton’s of people and client and teams with demands!  Just know, life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it.

Create solutions and be a problem solver!  After all that’s part of the role of a LO, you solve problems that clients didn’t even know they had!  There’s a #WhackedOut part of everyday, just don’t let it affect your attitude or your effort!  That’s what counts!

Today, I encourage you to shave it off, or start a clean slate in other words to help yourself brush past the odds.  Some tips include, cleaning your desk, changing where you sit, instead of sitting -stand! Another great one is to take a quick walk if you’re feeling the heat! Inside or out! Problem solving starts with your want to help the situation not make it worst.  So put your mind at ease with some meditation or mid day music to change your mood.  Don’t let the “things” you can’t control affect your outcome.

Go take another app!


Two for Tuesday – Guidelines to help!

#TwoforTuesday – Gotta love guidelines! It’s easy to forget but a VA loan is quite possibly the best loan out there.  Today I go over a quick tip on VA loans that could help you LO’s gain another quality conversation with a past client.  You might end up with a referral or a new purchase.

Today I will tell you about a bigger project I’m working on.  And it all starts with a smaller core group of LO’s that are action takers and want information on what to post to gain leads.  Ad copy is an art.  And I have teamed up with a few LO’s to create Mortgage Marketing Syndicates – A paid group for ad content to create engagement, exposure and opportunity.  Leads!  For about the cost of a good lunch (9.97) we give LO’s ideas, pictures and content that they can #Copy #Paste #Post and #Profit!  Fun stuff going on in here.  And it’s great to see those that take action from some of the best implement and see results.  And we’re just getting started.  If you’re interested in learning what to do, how to do it, and even get ad copy to use to do it…. well go ahead and click the link.  🙂

As Always #SellWell

Mondays Motivation – Mid Monday Motivation!!

Mid Monday Motivation – Get the week started off? – I hope so, here’s a message worth hearing.  What you focus on you find.  So if you’re B2B/B2C it doesn’t matter, work your LOA!  As for today – Well – I’ve been on the phone.  🙂  – I am focusing on just that.  And what do you know! – You should too!

With the focus at hand on converting leads, you (just like me) should be using some form of lead capture and lead cadence to help your audience.  Weather that contact is a prospect or past client, focus on conversion activities.  What’s the goal? Me = Drive more Broker’s to the website to use my wholesaler! You = Drive more clients to the closing table.  How, you focus on generating leads and prospecting to qualify people upfront.  The more conversations you have, the more credits you pull, the more loans you can pitch.  = The more loans that enter the pipeline.  🙂   Here’s a clue; You need to capture more potential prospects to talk too.  Use this tool – PhoneSites!