Whacked Out Wednesday – LOE/LOX

#WhackedOutWednesday – LOE/LOX – I don’t care what you call it, I call it a story.  Each loan has one, and sometimes individual conditions require more explanation.  Why not LOE/LOX it?  More LO’s need to do this with conjunction with their processors.

It’s “Whacked Out” that more LOE’s are not in loans.  I’m a fan of making sense out of things, and helping the underwriters “see the light”.  Help them by telling the story ya’ll.  The more you do this with your loans (easy one’s or hard one’s) the more loans you will close.

In some cases, less is more, see your AE if you question what information should be inside a LOE/LOX.  I’m always here to help!

Don’t get stuck with loans you can’t close! That’s the theme right, LOE/LOX it! Maybe it will make the underwriter feel all warm and fuzzy!  GOT AN I GOTTA GUY QUESTION??

Text the word “Juiceman” to 33655 and download my app.  Then submit away on any scenario and I will help you.  Or just CLICK HERE and send me an email! 🙂

As always –

#LOEwell #SellWell

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