Weekend Call to Action – Share Content

TGIF – The Grind Includes Friday.  Hope the month end was good.  Now is the time to start making a difference for your RE partners and other pillars as the summer is about to heat up.  What I suggest is a strategic way to gain reach, as well as help your pillars with marketing.  If I was an LO, I would only network with RE Agents and other pillars that have fan pages.  When they post good content and articles I would “share” it onto my page.  That way I would be increasing their exposure, and all their followers see my fan page.  (tag them in the share).  This also is helpful in making your fan page more interactive.  Set yourself up for success.  If your not using social media to gain business your missing the boat.  #WeekendCall2Action




**PS, I’m helping my Brokers in my network know how to do this, for both organic and paid reach on a fan page.  It’s doubled some of their business.  I’m open for new partnerships, call me.

Whacked Out Wednesday – Trending News

Trending news can make you money, and can make your advertising campaign gain a lot of exposure.  Trends are where it’s at with marketing, with investing, with gaining an inch that makes you stand out compared to your competitors.  Following trends can be a lucrative idea, and I suggest that you embrace them.  Find the right one, spin the right positive message as a result of that “trending news” and BOOM!  Your reach will explode on that marketing message.  There is an “art” in crafting marketing messages that takes advantage of current times and trends to help deliver to your audience value about your product or service.  Embrace it, use it, capitalize on it.  It’s “whacked out” in a way that people use controversy to their advantage, but a darn good way to gain exposure to your message.  Check it out below.


Two for Tuesday – Plan Do/Check Act

Do this exercise today yourself.  I bet it helps you be more effective and efficient advertising and selling.  Most have their “routines” in place, but how many times have you caught yourself to check to see if that “part” of your routine was effective?  Most campaigns on a marketing side should be completed, then retargeted based on new found information.  Same with selling, if you find your approach is off, switch it up.  Try this today.  #ChecktheJUICEout #SalesJUICEiscoming #SellWell

Monday Motivation – The SKY’s the limit

Do you partner with other’s that are vested in your success?  Do you partner with others that have a genuine want to see you succeed?  I do just this.  And if you’re an LO or Broker shop that isn’t closing 10+ deals a month, let’s chat.  Let’s GET YOU THERE!!  Together we can have a bigger impact, on your local community, to helping others get a piece of the American Dream.  #HappyMonday Let’s get going to make an impact together.  #SellWell.

Thankful Thursday – Webinar @3pm

Sign up now, gate closes at 230 pm EST.  The topic, PUSH and PULL marketing and how mortgage Broker’s should be leveraging “TRENDS” to help themselves create more business.  Today, I am thankful for the networking, the need, and the want and the inspiration of others to keep on trucking on doing these silly videos.  In sharing guidelines, in showing others how to utilize social media to a whole new realm for them.  I’ve really become a social media manager for mortgage companies to help learn how to make a impact and market presence on platforms that can’t be ignored.  Learn more today at 3pm, click the following link to register before 230pm.


Watch the video below; #ThankfulThursday

Whacked Out Wednesday – Stay Consistent

Beginning of the year, you made goals right?  You made it in early for the first two months, how did March go so far?  March 22nd, and mark my word, some are letting off the GAS.  They are getting burnt out, or they are not as EXCITED as they were at the beginning of the year…. I challenge yourself to ignite that passion again, make new goals for next quarter and work to stay consistently increasing business.  Watch the video to find out how!



WEBINAR THURSDAY THIS WEEK! @ 3PM EST.  I have developed the name the Mortgage JUICEman for a reason.  Join Us In Creating Excitement as I go over a year long campaign that anyone can do.  It doesn’t require a lot of capital (in fact most do this campaign with little to no money out of pocket) and will be a JUMP starter for many to double if not TRIPLE their business as a result.

Sure there’s all this fancy dancy stuff you see on social media, and anyone can say go buy some advertisements, or make a Facebook FUNNEL.  Most just don’t have the time for that.  I am keeping it real, and what I will show you is;

#The number 1 marketing campaign that I’ve helped over 25+ Brokers personally execute and make six figures with.

#The secret to using trends and timing to your advantage.

#The number 1 way to diversify your reach and set a foot print in your own local market to be the go to guy/gal for referrals.

In a RISING RATE environment, you will need to learn to diversify, and how to make an impact to your own business.  If not a year from now you could be wishing you did some of the things I will show you HOW and WHEN to do.  Most of these suggestions are “organic” and are the ticket to helping you sustain, and see market “GROWTH” in times of a squeeze.  Check out the WEBINAR THIS WEEK ON THURSDAY @ 3pm EST.

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