Two for Tuesday – The 1003 & Offer!

#TwoforTuesday – The 1003 and the Offer!  I think these two things are commonly overlooked as some of the most important STEPS of the sale.  The 1003 first of all is the heart of the transaction and goes incomplete quite often.  Go deep ya’ll!  Ask them what color their blinds are! Getting a full 2 year history on what that “Person” owns and owes is what it is about.

The Offer, well that is sales orientated and many just forget or don’t take the time to plan a presentation.  Or even “DO” a presentation at all.  Do NOT just email your “offer” over to the client.  That’s a sure fire way to get shopped and lose the deal.  When I was a LO we would strive for SDS!  #SameDayService for a client that said yes signed the docs and sent everything back to us same day.

This is SALES 101, you need to be pushing the bruise (credit or their WHY) and elaborating on their pains to provide a solution.  You write mortgages, an intangible service, that if custom tailored can help that individual reach goals in life.  BE PROUD OF THAT, don’t just email the offer over and not have them on the phone to go over it.

When it comes to #SDS – We want to help!  Got a file with a fire, and want “Same Day Service” for disclosures and submission to underwriting to accommodate your “YES” you got?  We can help you #GetOnPoint!  CLICK HERE!

As always –

#SellWell – (Make your presentation stick out) 🙂

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