Mondays Motivation – Set new Goals and Action plans! Q2!

#MondaysMotivation – Set new #Goals and #ActionPlans to achieve them.  It’s a new month and new quarter, time to REACH and create a STRETCH for yourself!  What I see is LO’s turn in goals (same with AE’s) but they are all worried about “hitting” them and don’t push themselves.  A goal is sometimes NOT going to be hit.  Is that ok?  Yes.

Don’t fall into the trap of just putting numbers on paper without an action plan to go with it.  If you want to increase your business focus on the “how” you’re going to do it.  Not just the number you write down.  Break your goal down into action-able steps to achieve the goal.  Then go hog wild at trying to hit it.  You’ll see more success that way!

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