Whacked Out Wednesday – 10 Mortgage Commandments!

#WhackedOutWednesday – The 10 Mortgage Commandments!  Funny as it is, people actually do violate these all the time and mess up their home financing.  This is for all to know, to share, to educate clients, to help your loans close!! Bottom line the most dangerous “things” to do during the home loan process are itemized today as things “Not to do”.  ↓

While funny and to a degree comical, these things are in fact the commandments anyone buying a home should follow.  The most common in the world of mortgages, is the client showing up to closing with a new car/truck.  The second most common is the furniture buy or the credit card discount that was so enticing to get.  All of these mess up the debt to income ratios on a loan, and could potentially be the death of financing.  Avoid these like the plague!


As I always say – #Share #Interact #Like #Repeat!


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