Monday’s Motivation – Structure Matters!

#MondaysMotivation – Structure matters for those that balance a file upfront! Since today’s Monday and you are getting contracts signed and sent over from accepted offers over the weekend…. Might as well, go over what to do! Since there are a lot of retail LO’s coming over to the #Wholesale #MortgageBroker side.  The “way” loans are done are the same.  You should be balancing your file upfront.

Structure Matters big time, the last thing you want to do is get to the closing table and have money left over from the sellers concessions that are left on the table.  Structure your loan’s pricing to help the borrower get the best rate! Do this upfront and later locking is easy.  I give a specific example where pricing made the difference in various buckets.  ↓

Today as we talk about the HOME that got accepted, Loans are a by-product of the home purchase.  So lead with the home to get more loans!  How do you find more #REAgents with listings?? Help the one’s with them, gain more eyeballs.  More everything will happen as a result.  See what #LOMastery is all about! CLICK HERE

As Always –

#StructureWell I mean #SellWell 🙂

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