What steps do you do in taking an application?

What’s your process of taking an application?  Do you send a full application package to your clients or let the lender’s you work with do it?

Great questions I’ve been asking lately and have found out so much in the world of mortgage broker loan origination about what steps Broker’s take in doing applications.  I’ve been lucky to have been trained by some of the best in the industry and today I want to provide guidance on these steps, as there is a definite need.

1st things first, I call it the “bar application” and that is the application or flow sheet or initial questionnaire or mini app, if you will, that helps you gather the 6 pieces of information together that constitutes an application.  I don’t think I need to go over that, but in reality many Broker’s think or use that same application to get the info filed out as their application they send to the lender.  NO NO.  Do this, retype the application on a fresh 1003 when you have gotten that mini app info and the borrowers certification and authorization signed to pull credit.  That way all the liabilities are in there, and you can actually price a loan out.  That way there are details of a transaction that are approximate and all the fields are at least 75% filled in.  You and I know just about every app is not 100% complete.  Use a mini app to gather the info and gain permission with a Borrowers Cert and Auth signed to pull credit.

2nd Create your application package out of Caylx, Encompass, or Byte.   Use a lender’s application system such as UWM’s for example to mimic the disclosures you send to the client yourself.  With TRID now there is a ton of lenders that want to disclose for the Brokers, and they may have some mini submission that you send in order to have them disclose.  Well truth is as a Broker you should be doing your own application package.  Trust me the CFPB will not punish you for over disclosing.  It’s a great habit.  So at the time you have all the info to do the at least the 75% filled out application (contains all six pieces of info) the 1003 you send to your client should be accompanied with the following.  All HMDA, ECOA, homeowners counseling, LE, and other regulatory disclosures on your part.  That way you officially are giving the full application package yourself to the client to sign.  You should flag these forms and create an application package out of your LOS when you send the application to the client it contains these forms.  (again mimic some lenders disclosures of an application package whom ever you use)

I’ve found that some brokers separate the 1003 and the LE and are taking the time to gain the supporting information from the client at time of the 1003 being signed and then within 3 days later sending the client the LE to sign.  WOW!  I never did loans like that, nor do most banks.  The minute that 1003 is given to have them sign it is accompanied by the LE and all other disclosures.  I find that some people just don’t know what they don’t know on how to originate loans with certain steps in play.  They just “followed” the laws and applied them.  Well that’s great and all, but I can remember a time I used to sell SAME DAY SERVICE.  When I took an application in a conversation with a client on the phone, scrubbed their credit with them, pitched two or three options, DU’d the loan and sent them the full application package all ON ONE PHONE CALL.  Most of those truly interactive clients would have the most engaging conversations with me over like an hour.  I can still remember the echo of the BELL we used to ring in the call center every time we got a “book back”.  (all disclosures and supporting info to go to underwriting).  There is a ton of value you can give your clients by doing this in a one or two step process to take the application.

Then of course where most LO’s seem to pass the puck is COMPARING the information you place on the 1003 with the supporting information that they give you.  Yes you want it to match.  But the “initial” 1003 doesn’t have to be the signed one that is 100% accurate.  I would at least update the point file or lenders system and re-run DU one more time prior to submission.  That way you know even the 1003 that shows 75k in income when the supporting docs show 71k your still working with an approved loan.  There is no need to change the initial application to reflect 71k and then have the client resign.  Just submit the one with the 75k on it, but CHANGE THE AMOUNT you have in the point file or system of that lender, so the underwriter is on the same page with you when they get the loan.  I think we’ve all heard the old saying garbage in, garbage out.

So check your process today, mimic a full application package from your lender of choice in your own LOS and start disclosing everything yourself.  Somewhere down the road you will thank yourself for doing so.  Regardless of how that loan is actually submitted with any given lender.  There is lenders submission forms, lender specific forms etc, and what’s needed from one lender to another that may be different.  So when you put together your submission package to the lender of your choice there is a need to pick and choose some of the forms you have signed and disclosed to be submitted.  Some forms you won’t include.  That’s ok, there’s nothing wrong with that.  Again the CFPB will not punish third party broker’s who over disclose and have their own set of disclosures they do as well.  All you need to do is keep them in your vanilla folder for the time required by your state at least.  Simple.

Sell Well – JUICEMAN

Virtual Business Cards and tracking Referrals

The biggest part of prospecting is getting your name out there.  Most people hand out business cards but they get lost in the trash somewhere down the line.  I’ve done extensive research in the last 30 days on effective business cards and leave behinds for marketing.  And have some really cool results or findings if you will.

The problem with most hand out is the piece of paper doesn’t track when someone looks at it or even gives it to someone else.  And I’ve found this tool is out there.  And is in the form of a phone app that can be on someone’s phone.  Something that most look at 100’s of times a day.  So instead of passing out a card that gets thrown away why not bump iphones and exchange your contact info that shows up on their home screen.  Phone apps are the newest big thing in the form of business contacts and tracking referrals.  The virtual business card is the future of tracking whom looks at your card and can track your client’s sharing your information with their friends, without them even emailing you to tell you. There is even apps for Realtors now that track the open houses someone goes too and allows your clients to make notes on the homes they saw.

Having a business card is great, it makes you feel all powerful and complete.  LOL   However the most effective one’s are not just glossy with your logo on it.  I’ve seen gambling chip cards, business cards that look like money, pen’s with fancy logo’s, and even cards with QR codes that direct your company website to the phone that scan’s it.  However, the newest virtual Business Card is out.  It’s here, and it tracks everything.  It tracks whom shares your card with someone else, to every time a user opens your virtual card on your phone.  And its easy to obtain and can be personalized to contain mortgage calculators or a fill in request form for more info, or even links to your home page or the latest industry news.

And I have access to this now and can share it with you.  Fill in the form below for more information on a virtual business card that helps you gain more business and not lose out on missed opportunities to market someone. This can be used as a CRM for those that actively share their business cards daily but have nothing that tracks this information.  This is the biggest missed opportunity to close more business, especially for sales people.  Now you have something that can remind you to call someone, or let you know when someone clicks on your virtual business card.

The ART of pushing the Bruise

In every sales there is an angle to walk a client through their pain.   The key is bridging the gap, to help the client understand YOUR value.  In originating mortgages one of the key conversations I would have with each client was a review of their credit report.  In car sales the same thing, in selling vacuum cleaners door to door it was the spots that had stains that would never come out.  My point is every sale somewhere has an angle that can be pushed to bridge the gap of a need or want for your product or service.

In mortgage origination or even in referral business partnerships the ability to help a end user or client relationship see your value is in bridging that gap of the pain.  Most people have a some blemish on credit, or value you can create by educating them on an item on their credit.  The ART of pushing the bruise a little to help show your value is really part of selling itself.  It helps add to your SOLUTION that you can pitch.  Your solution to the problem or pain that you point out helps pull in the benefit from all the features you have.  It bridges the gap and helps walk them through the pain in a nice way that can differentiate you from the competition.  If you pull credit with a borrower and then just look at the FICO and move on your doing it all wrong.  In fact the review of a credit report with someone in almost any financial service should be an important part of the conversation.

Push the bruise as to why they have the spending habit’s they do, and provide a solution.  When I originated each person I talked too as I took an application got a “free” credit analysis/review and would leave the conversation knowing more about their credit and what to do and what not to do even if I could not do a loan.  Those are the people that referred me to others even though we didn’t do business.  If your not having at least a 10 minute call going through each line item and asking about the credit items on credit to help a client know more education on their financial report card, your missing a part of the sale.  Car sales, mortgage sales, heck anything that involves you pulling a credit report.

Some tips I’ve learned along the way about credit that I went over with everyone I talked too:

  1. Review the FICO and let them know all three scores. Below the FICO score is typically codes you can go over with them that highlight the reason’s they are being marked down.
  2. Think JUMBO guidelines.  Credit is an evaluation of how you manage debt, not that you pay off a bunch of cards every month.  So the best FICO’s typically have a history of having 2 installment loans, (1 mortgage/1 car), and at least 3 other trade lines that are revolving.
  3. Revolving debt and the way a FICO is established.  The key again is to show the bureau’s you know how to manage debt.  So when you have a line of credit of 1000 you should be always 50% or less revolving from month to month.  The minute you go above that ratio your score is marked down.  In fact where you want to be is 30% or less of the overall line limit from month to month and you can actually increase your score.  You can hurt your score paying it off every month, as that doesn’t show the bureau’s you are managing a balance.
  4. The pulling of credit in the financial arena doesn’t affect a FICO IF… that is IF that person whom pulls credit is registered as a financial spot for Car or Mortgages.  There is a shoppers law that is out there.  Not so sure the exact name of this, theory or law, but it exists.  And it has to do with protecting a client that wishes to “shop” for a car loan or mortgage loan.  If that vendor is registered as a financial institution and more than one pulled a credit report within a two week period (may have changed) then that pull is looked at as one pull affecting the FICO, not multiple ones.  This is where it differs from Banks to Broker’s I’ve found in that Broker’s can sometimes have a different vendor code that doesn’t recognize them as a financial institution and that affects their score being pulled every time.  Again consult your vendor for the credit pull on how your credit inquiries are labeled.

Just by going over these simple things and educating a client, not only verifying the debt, it can be a way to help uncover a need or want that you can potentially fulfill.  This is the art of pushing the bruise, and later in your pitch that you can help them see value in what you’ve done or going to do for them.

Sell Well – JUICEMAN

How to use a mortgage to help develop wealth

How do you use a loan against a property to develop wealth?  I say at least 4 ways…

More and more people are in need of understanding how to leverage their efforts to build more wealth.  There is a story out there of the “two brothers”, whom one gets a big fat 30 year fixed loan and the other gets a 15 year mortgage.  Over time the one brother with a 15 year pays his house off, whereas, the other brother never does, he utilizes his money to make money.

First of all, those that think a short term is best, keep in mind that you are actually losing your purchasing power by tying up your DTI (debt to income) ratio with a larger payment.  Where the lower the payment due to the longer term allows you to “afford” more stuff, be a car, boat or other homes.

Second, knowing some lending guidelines can help the average Joe investor.  You see, when you get more than 4 financed properties in a portfolio your lending rules change.  So, if you have 5 financed properties you can NOT do a cash out on any investment properties.  (well you can, it’s called delayed financing and only available within the first 6 months you buy the house CASH)  If your in that position, it’s my advice you get a LLC formed and start putting those homes in a business portfolio and freeing up your personal credit again.

Third, the average JOE American will actually have 4-7 mortgage’s in their life.  Most people that get a 30 year mortgage as a purchase loan do NOT keep that loan for 30 years.  One of the major advantages of having a mortgage is the tax deduction on mortgage interest, but most know that.  The second is how to utilize the mortgages you do.  Let me paint the picture.  Mortgage loan number 1 is obviously to buy the home.  Mortgage loan number 2 is typically within the first 5 years where someone refinances to “save money”.  Mortgage loan number 3 is typically for debt consolidation as a cash out loan.  Mortgage loan number 4 is to potentially eliminate private mortgage insurance and save money again.  Mortgage number 5 or more, could be to recast or reset the mortgage to a new 30 year fixed just to have a small 60-75k mortgage for tax deduction purposes.

In conclusion on the story of the two brothers, the one that paid his house off and then started his major push to build wealth generated less portfolio net worth than the other brother.  The one brother that didn’t take a big payment allocated his money to other investments along the way and created more wealth in life in other assets.  From buying other houses to even investing more in retirement.


In conclusion on illustrating this, a mortgage is a wealth building tool and you just don’t call a mortgage loan officer to “lower your rate”, a mortgage should be custom tailored to help you BUILD wealth.  And if some client is calling you today just asking for your rate and not willing to have a conversation with you or let you pull their credit, they are missing the boat.  Show them the link to the tale of two brothers and have them call you back once they read it.  GOOD loan officers should look at the full financial situation and goals of the individual to know what makes sense to help a client reach those goals.  IF anything.  And sometimes for those knowing they are moving in the next 1-3 years should actually do nothing.  My Dad is a perfect example, he bought everything I ever sold from Cutco knifes to what ever widget I sold, but when I originated mortgages, especially interest only loans he was against them.  Until one day my Sister was in need of money for her wedding.  He came to me and I advised him to take the biggest home equity line he could, and he did, he turned the whole mortgage to an equity line.  And he was the type that was ALWAYS against ARM’s (adjustable rate mortgage) and Interest Only loans.  He took advantage of where the market was in the last 7 years or so and has paid the same amount on the mortgage for years.  Due to him doing this, not only did he get the cash to pay for my Sisters wedding but he’s paid less in interest and owes less now on the home than if he had stayed where he was.  He accelerated his principle payments through his own discipline.  And recently just did his 5th loan, where he refinanced it all on to a fixed 30 year now just to have a small payment and interest to write off.  Loan officers that actually present themselves this way to help custom tailor a mortgage to help a client reach life goals will not only get more referrals but will do more loans.

Sell Well – Juiceman

Tale of two Brothers

Happy Good Friday! I HOPE you have a great day!

And a GOOD FRIDAY it is.  Today, weather your bank is closed, or your title company not open, enjoy the time and energy Friday’s create.  For 52 Friday’s a year, ton’s of people carry a high spirit in regards to the day.  It’s funny how a lot of people are energized at the end of the week.  I’m a fan of Monday’s more myself however the energy created on Friday’s is different.  Is it because you’re looking forward to spending time with the kids and family?  It is because you’re anticipating “not working” the weekends? What makes the energy for most is the HOPE they have for the next two days to enjoy.

The most successful people really only rest on Sunday’s and some still spend time thinking and planning their week out about to start.  What ever fuels your energy today, take note of it, and CLONE IT.  Clone that energy somehow in your own mind and attempt to hit the first part of next week with that same energy is what I challenge you.  For those of you in sales of any kind, today’s a great day to ignite your HOPE and write down your goals and dreams to hit for the next quarter.

Today due to the nature of Good Friday, remember to be thankful today and blessed for the things you have.  Today’s Friday is important in that it symbolizes HOPE.  It gives hope in the eyes of those that believe.  Belief in whatever person, or thing you want, it brings Hope.  Today is the day Jesus was symbolically crucified on the cross and walked miles with people stoning him, while wearing a thorn crown and carrying a cross twice as heavy as he weighted.  Today, he dies on the cross theory is, and on Easter Sunday is the third day out when he rose again.  So while out this weekend think HOPE, drive your imagination a little and then carry with it the energy that Friday’s give.  By having hopes and dreams we are alive.  Without them, it’s hard to even set goals to achieve something that you don’t hope to happen.  Think big, and then carry that energy into next week thankful and full of energy.  My hope is that by helping you realize that the energy you create can help custom tailor your hope to happen.

What makes the energy I have?  The HOPE of helping others for me.

Sell Well – JUICEMAN

WJ Bradley LO’s I can help YOU START a Brokerage

Just by YOU reading this.  And due to the great leadership that our Nation has that supports FREE ENTERPRISE.  TRID WASN’T designed to help big mortgage companies make more money.  Especially Banks.  Technically, TRID is more forms signed by a client, so that increases the money spent on compliance to enforce that.  With an LO, it’s easier to BROKER a loan than even set up a Correspondent relationship with any lender out there.  And NOW, your disclosures are just as the same as bankers.  You could even hire and employ others.  Including all the tax advantages of being self-employed.

TRID actually LEVELED THE PLAYING FIELD for the loan originator that owns his own shop versus who is at a bank.  The LE now is the same for the rate shopper.  There is no need to disclose Broker’s commission on that initial disclosure.  And with Banks you will not be paid as much “per loan”.  Hence why YOU a WJ Bradley employee should OPEN your OWN Mortgage Broker shop.  If the big companies have to do more to ensure you’re in compliance then take advantage of it as a “Third Party Originator”(TPO businesss) in their eyes.  More and more LO’s already are.

In fact, at one point prior to the mortgage melt down, the overall total TPO origination versus bank originated mortgages was basically 50/50.  And due to the melt down, the amount of TPO origination fell to as low as 6 or 8% of overall mortgage volume.  However in the more recent few years, the Broker business is growing again.  As a result of TRID, more and more Broker shops are opening again and that is a movement that has already been in play since around 2010.  The small change in disclosures from the GFE to the LE makes another boost in this direction.  RIGHT NOW is a GREAT TIME to START a SMALL BUSINESS. 

If you respond to my article in the ask for help, I would be happy help develop a full marketing campaign to help launch your company.  I HAVE a ton of Broker’s that come to me to help them develop everything from LOGO’s to company cards.  To slogans to marketing campaign’s to drum up business.  I will personally help you start your company.  Reach out to me, I am the Mortgage Juiceman, and I support the BROKER BUSINESS OF SMALL TOWN USA.  I also help Brokers get approved to do business even when new.  So even if that’s you out there reading this now, I’m that refreshing voice supporting you a NEW BROKER OWNER.  And would love to help you grow.  Start with THE MORTGAGE JUICEMAN PAGE

Call me if your looking for a true business and marketing partnership to help you help others to get a piece of the American Dream.  In fact my Broker Packages are FREE this month. You can too get a piece of the American dream of owning a business.  Call me and I’ll even give you a signed copy of my book free of charge, that will help you get started. Persuasion as an Art

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Realtors and my book offer

Today I republished my book.  “Persuasion as an Art”  I have a ton of new things going on with growth personally and professionally.  Mostly I am thankful for the opportunity to create my own destiny with a sales career that engages relationships.  Through a need noted by several of my Broker partners whom always call me for guidelines and mortgage scenario’s.  Multiple people told me to do this years ago.  Well I did it 30 days ago.  I created this blog; the mortgage juiceman dot com.  And I’ve published over 50 articles and video’s in a short time.  And while it’s becoming a normal everyday habit now for me to do, and fun.  IT’S PAYING OFF BIG TIME.  I am servicing a need for guidance to the REALTOR network on a need for good LO’s.  I am servicing Realtor’s with guidance on guidelines for mortgages.  And as a result, more and more Realtors are just PM’ing me or using Facebook messenger on my group online.  Yes Group.

If your not on Facebook doing funnels in originating loans your missing out. Here’s a link for that;   Facebook Marketing for LO’s  There is also a large GROUP need for mortgage pro’s to network and gain referrals.  I have created a persona online of “The Mortgage Juiceman” and also have a Facebook group to go with it.  The Mortgage Juiceman Group

Now, I have more and more Realtors giving me leads to borrowers to pass on as LEADS to my Broker’s.  So I am using social media to essentially get leads for the very people that send me business.  WANT TO BE A PART OF MY ELITE GROUP OF BROKERS GETTING FRESH LEADS FROM ME?  Well you got 9 days left to get partnered with the JUICEMAN and MOTIVE LENDING for FREE.  Click here to sign up, Motive Lending Free Broker Package

Realtors any referrals to local Brokers to be signed up with me to close loans too, have them click the link above.  I look forward to helping as many people as I can and will be starting with anyone in sales. A great read for those of you into investing in yourself to get better at sales.  My Book; “Persuasion as an Art”

Sell Well, here to help Realtors, Loan Officers, and Processors make it easy and close more loans. – JUICEMAN


Attention Real Estate Agents, please help me.

ATTENTION RE AGENTS, I NEED YOUR HELP.  Today, my JUICE (Join Us In Creating Excitement)  is for a call to action from RE Agents.  I encourage LO’s across the Nation to network with Realtor’s for business but have not had the chance to do so on a mass scale myself.  Today I am sending that message.

I AM ASKING RE AGENTS to SHARE my BLOG “The Mortgage Juiceman” dot com, to their favorite Lender today.

WHY?  I can help you get paid by closing more loans.  I am an AE at a National wholesale lender.  What I do daily is teach LO’s how to originate.  In fact I HAVE AN LO TRAINING, a PROCESSOR TRAINING, and an AE TRAINING that I help others in my industry get better at what they do.  By knowing guidelines, and giving tips to ensure the application is done right upfront and your PURCHASES close.  I am a go to guy, whenever the application or credit has blemishes and LO’s have “I got a guy” questions.

I WANT TO BE THAT RESOURCE FOR YOU REALTORS THIS YEAR.  It is my commitment in my endeavor to close more than 100 loans a month this year, to help Realtor’s have the communication they want.  The answers to why sometimes, and the correct expectations with timing due to TRID.  As a liaison between the Broker’s/LO’s and Realtors I’ve found a HUGE GAP in understanding lending laws, to underwriting guidelines and truly having a pre-approval worth accepting an offer on.  And this year I am bridging that gap by being interactive and posting the video’s on what works and what doesn’t.  By networking with more and more RE Agents I am actually helping prescreen borrower’s that Agents have and then getting “leads” for Brokers in my network.

Please reach out to me on FB or LinkedIn and let’s partner together this year.  Share my contact information with your favorite go to Lender/Broker this afternoon.  It could be the referral that pays you on multiple loans this summer.  I am looking to grow my presence in the following states, PA, CA, FL, VA, WA, CO, TX, MO, NJ, GA and MI.  If your in these areas I have Broker’s there, and they are really good.  Not only can I recommend you to one but I want to network with WHO you like as a Lender.  Please help me by referring my info out to your favorite lender today.

-Making a difference in the lending world and helping others make a living by closing more loans.

Shawn Devlin – The Mortgage Juiceman

sdevlin@motivelending.com / 586-737-7456 Office Line.

PS. Broker Packages are FREE in the month of March! Let’s get your favorite lender on board and do business together.



Maybe you’ve heard of this analogy before.  It has to do with setting goals.  Having goals is a key to success and knowing the end vision will help you create smaller goals to help you hit the big one’s.  Goals must be conceptualized and then written down.  Once established then implementing action to hit the goals is key.

Get creative in goal setting and use your imagination.  A lot of millionaire’s visually connect with their goals.  They have a dream space.  A picture of the car they want to buy, or a model car to stimulate their imagination.  It’s funny how I found a old sales book not to long ago and reviewed it’s contents with awe.  I had pictures of a house, a family, an SUV, and various other things on a collage that I made in high school of things I have now.  At one point in my sales career I went to a BMW Motorcycle dealership and had a famous racer sign a poster of the motorcycle I wanted to buy.  I made into a mouse pad, and today, I’ve had that motorcycle for a few years now.

A goal should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.  A goal should be specific to you, it’s ok to dream a little and shoot for the stars.  That’s why it’s a goal.  Make sure it’s measurable, as I always broke down my commission pay and found out I only needed an extra 2 sales a month to reach my goal in a few months for example.  Goals should be attainable, even if a little stretch, they should also be flexible.  Getting a new Ford Taurus is a little off from a Porsche 911.  However, flexible in that a new family car was needed.  Goals again should be written down and shared with others.  While subconsciously if you make a goal and make it a picture or collage if you will, it can help feed that subconscious part of us.  By seeing that goal everyday on my mouse pad, it enforced the action of making that extra call or two or five.

The difference between the top 5% of any sales team and the other 95% is the goals they have, and how the top performers focus on productivity to get them there.  Not just hope for the production to happen.  The smaller goals help reinforce and bring the bigger goals to life.  Then provide a framework for timing your goals.  Make long term goals 10 years out, then mid-range goals 3-5 years to reach, along with annual goals.  Then break down the activity needed to do quarterly to reach those goals, even monthly to focus on hitting the goals set.  The more you analyze this and break it down.  The more obtainable your goals can be.  Then reinforce those visions with something that can help you see the goals daily.  A dream space collage or picture to help the subconscious mind work with them is best.  The more you do this in life, the more goals you will reach.

This week, as we wrap up the first quarter of 2016, revisit your goals from New Years.  Check to see if you’re on pace to hit them, or perhaps create new one’s that help you achieve your goals.  Then create a dream space to allow yourself to “see” these goals daily.  Heck, at least write it down and place that note in your closet, then as you get dressed re-read what you wrote down everyday.  Subconsciously doing this will embed your dreams and goals in your mind and small things will happen to help you achieve your goals.

Sell Well – Juiceman

Happy St. Patty’s Day Lad!

May your day be touched with a bit of Irish Luck, brightened by a “why” in your heart and warmed with smiles by the people you love.  My “why” is the family I have like most.  It’s also the joy of the partnerships I have and ability to help grow small businesses across the Nation.  For all my why’s I drive myself to make extra calls, be available late at night to take a call, make efforts around 10:30 pm to check my emails before I wrap up the day. I have high energy and a great attitude to never give up, and have created successful habits that drive my luckiness.

LUCK is created, someone “finds” the four leaf clover.  You have to be looking down at the ground and see a little 2 inch plant.  Seriously, if you’ve ever found one you either looked down and then it hit you as you recognize immediately what was in front of you, or you actually “looked” for it.  And if you happened to ever gaze in a field of green leafs on the ground you were doing something.  Thinking deep probably.  You created your luck.  Luck is a by product of your efforts.  THE HARDER YOU WORK THE LUCKIER YOU GET.  So in theory the more I work my law of averages and spread out my reach to partner with broker’s the more loans I close.

I love the fact that the more relationships and more people I help see success the more success I see.  Today, do the normal “adding of value” during your pitch.  But try something special.  Today, call as many people as you can and limit your calls to 3 minutes.  Call as many people in your contact list and be short and sweet.  Just spread the joy in your voice, and touch base, ASK for the sale, and then move on.  SPREAD YOUR LUCK OUT TO AS MANY BUSINESS CONTACTS AS YOU CAN.  Say Happy St. Patty’s Day and make the other party smile.  Wrap up a business matter or better yet, tell them your calling to “make an appointment” with them for a follow up call.  Gain a commitment inside of 3 minutes to call the prospect back tomorrow.  For those of you that have multiple steps in your sales process, Holiday’s like today are the most enjoyable on the phone and in person.

Have Fun, spread your Irish Luck out and reach out to as many people as you can in your network.  I bet you gain a ton of business doing this in the next week.  🙂

Happy St. Patty’s Day