Shawn Doerr Devlin is my real Irish & German name.  I have a passion behind helping other people and have driven a large amount of my success to date from doing just that in the mortgage industry.  I have helped Broker owners of small town mortgage shops all across the Nation and helped consumers directly with mortgage loans.  I help partner with real estate agents, develop marketing campaigns and close loans!

My legacy is that I am the possibility of people living the life they desire, through positive thinking, dreaming big, having blind faith and in the pursuit of sharing success with others.

My ask is to have you like my business and follow me on FB; Your here right.. So if you want to know about me see my social proof.  On Social media, you’ll see I’m a positive influencer and am a real guy.  Feel free to Join Us In Creating Excitement (JUICE) and network with me.


My ask is to have you join our support group that has over 3500 mortgage experts in it.  We share all types of things to help you grow your mortgage business.  From sales tips, to mortgage tricks and objection responses.  We share what others are doing to source business in hope to help you drum up business.  Join Us In Creating Excitement, and join the Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s group on FB.


****Disclaimer for compliance stuff;

***The views I have and opinions expressed by me or my followers does not in any way have any affiliation with, sponsor, or endorsement by me, the blog (themortgagejuiceman, thesalesjuice, ShawntheJUICEmanDevlin, or ShawnDevlin.me) and or any mortgage industry company.  I will be funny, promote sales, and the mortgage industry with the highest ethics, and moral responsibility.

Press can reach Shawn at; Shawn@thesalesjuice.com or find me on social media by clicking below;




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Shawn "The JUICEman" Devlin

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