Weekend Call to Action – Follow Thru!

#FollowUpFriday – #WeekendCall2Action – #FollowThru – Yeeeeehaawwww – It’s Friday, I ♥ Friday’s for one reason.  Everyone is always in a good mood, unless their loan is blowing up (which is often times a way for me to get in the door and save the day) and I always have the best conversations on Friday.  Friday’s grow your business!

Two points to today’s post! Use opportunity that is created (Like a Friday) to follow up with your referral partners.  Find out if they have open houses, ask if you can help.  Go to your best agents FB/Insta pages and help them gain exposure to their listings.  #Like #Comment #Engage Bottom line is get involved with people!

Second main point is go back to your “to do” list for the week, or scroll your own emails for an opportunity to reach out and #FollowThrough for someone.  If you said you would do something this week (or ever) try to make time to do it.  We all get distracted, even me.  With that said following thru with #ThursdaysThoughts is a video I wanted posted.  I’m over here WAIVING!! lol  – I post on FB and Insta, but never got to the blog yesterday only due to wonderful opportunities to help others.  The phone was lit!

Do the same for yourself on some aspect of your business.  Use the good nature of today to let others know you care! Use the day to follow thru on something you said you were going to do for someone.  After all you can only evaluate people on what they do not what they say.  Stand out in character if you say you’re going to do something.

Oh – And reminder for all you Broker’s that said “you’ll fill out the broker package” – please do what you say your going to do and this weekend (maybe Sunday?) when you’re planning for next week, let’s put #PenToPaper!  CLICK HERE for the package!

As Always –


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