Weekend Call to Action – Good Friday to start networking with RE Agents!

#WeekendCalltoAction – It’s a great time to start networking with RE Agents as it gets HOT in the markets across the country.  Snows melting, builders are breaking ground and more and more “open houses” are happening each weekend.  Are you networking with RE Agents and offering to help them promote their listing or accompany them at the open house?  Adding value first is key.

Ultimately just the offer sometimes goes a long way.  If possible use the resources you have with social and various websites to grow your list of potential referral partners.  Do this now, do not wait! It’s a #GoodFriday to get started!

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Thursdays Thoughts – DTI & FICO buckets for risk threshold on FHA (cheat sheet)

#ThursdaysThoughts – DTI and FICO thresholds exist on all loans. But some are not written in stone. Once you run a ton of DU and get a sense of what’s being approved you can look at a 1008 and a 1003 and basically “see the approval” or know it’s got to be run. This really is somewhat an art. You have to understand the risk thresholds and what that particular DU results may be looking for on that file.

Here’s a cheat sheet if you will. It’s somewhat connected to the FHA manual guidelines, and there is a FICO bucket associated with it. You won’t find many 96.5% LTV FHA loans with under a 620 FICO approved over 50 DTI. It’s rare. It could happen with certain risk factors in favor, like compensating factors read from the 1003. But rare. The idea is this is all correlated to FICO and DTI in these buckets and if you’re a LO you should know these things.

Calling all ACTION TAKERS who want more leads, more closings and more of a pipeline.  I will be working with those that want a rep so local he reply’s at 10:30 pm at night, he works to push your loans to the table, is able to prescreen income to guidelnes to DPA programs.  And is all about helping you grow your business.  YEP, that’s right, that’s me, and what I do is help the LO’s in my network grow their business by helping them learn to source new business online.  If you know you should be expanding your referrals partners, if you know you need to be on social media but haven’t started doing these things, reach out to me I can help.  The BLUEPRINT is a step by step guide to helping you achieve just this.  (Doubling your pipeline is typical for action takers) – Why not YOU!? – Click HERE and start learning today with a 3 day workshop I have put together.  If you get signed up with me I help you further than just 3 days.  *There’s major benefits in partnering with me 🙂 – #LetsDoBusiness

#SellWell – JUICEman (Join Us In Creating Excitement)

Whacked OUT Wednesday – Large Deposit Guideline Edition $$

#WhackedOutWednesday – Is back and in full effect this am.  WOW, I mean WOW, what goes through the mind of clients that think they can just deposit large sums of money in their bank account as you’re doing a purchase loan anyway? lol  Today, I go over the guidelines on large deposits to clear the air, and help you know what to look out for.  HINT – It has to do with what type of loan your doing! Not all deposits are considered equal.  (large)

Don’t be fooled, while I add a lot of value to my Broker partners, and can help them source business, I AM STILL LOOKING FOR ACTION TAKERS!  I am not at my goal monthly and want to help as many mortgage Broker’s as I can.  Sometimes I think people might think I’m swimming in business and don’t need their loan because I do these videos and add so much value inside the groups and social media.  That is not the case, I need and want to help as many people as I can.  If you don’t have a responsive AE, or someone that can help you actually source business on top of close loans for you, CALL ME! – Let’s make it ring today, 304-901-2798 is my office line.  Reach out don’t be shy, I might be able to help on that “I gotta guy” guideline question, or I can discuss with you marketing strategies to help you double your business.  Either way, #LetsDoBusiness!  – I am growing towards my goal daily, but I’m not stopping until I’m there!

#SellWell – JUICEman

Two for Tuesday – Departing Primary guidelines, gift reminder, and URLA!

#TwoforTuesday – A great idea to know these as more “departing primary” scenario’s are coming up.  People are #Downsizing and #MovingUp this year and we will probably see more of this in the summer.  Gift guidelines are also gone over as a reminder when you have multiple units.  Then the URLA info is a BONUS, link will be below the video today if you want to #Checkitout!

If you want to see the new URLA as Fannie Mae’s team has announced it’s completion just last week.  It doesn’t come out officially until July 2019 and not required to be used until 2020 sometime I believe.  Check out the look and feel of it HERE!


Mondays Motivation – A Face Lift for the JUICE!

#MondaysMotivation – A face lift without the facetime? Yep, no video can direct you to blog better than a catchy subject line! I updated the banner ads on the site this past weekend.  With more partnerships for you LO’s to take advantage of to grow your business!

First up is one of my favorites, Perfect LO app, this is an interactive application that can help you take a 1003 in multiple languages and then transcribe back to english for you! It perfects the 1003 in a way that many LO’s forget to ask the “important questions”, and this walks your clients right through it.  Great tool located on the left side of the blog, go ahead click the banner ad! 🙂

Second, is the newest of all affiliations, and it’s HOT! HOT as in making leads happen all day every day for your Real Estate partners on autopilot.  It’s LISTING BOOSTER! Check out this mega tool that you LO’s can capitalize on to help your RE partners gain more leads for new listings.  Do it now, and you will change your pipeline for the best summer ever.  CLICK the banner ad on the top right of the site!

Next is a tool in response to BRAWL! I support mortgage Brokers as you know, and believe in sales regardless of “which wholesaler” you use, the LO is responsible for retaining their own client.  You should check this out if you have a large client list, it’s a way to monitor past clients credit for a mortgage inquiry and get notified when the IRON’s hot to strike.  It’s RETAIN YOUR CLIENT – a mortgage retention service that helps you maintain a presence in front of past clients looking for financing solutions.  Weather you helped them years ago, or just six months ago, this option can help you stay relevant to your client list.

The next few banner ads on the left have been on there a while, however always a notable mention for mortgage broker websites, and lead pages.  From Click funnels, to LeadPops to the Lender Home Page, these options are on here because they can help you with exposure and help you gain leads!

More leads = More opportunity for business.  #SellWell the first Monslay day of the week, I’m in helping Broker partners of mine get their loans done.  If you want to work with an AE that can provide tools, be a tool, and help you move your own tools to CTC – 🙂 – That’s ME! #LetsDoBusiness

Weekend Call to Action – Like your Friends Page Already!

#WeekendCalltoAction – Like your “friends” page I bet there’s a RE agent in there that you have done business with that could be wanting to network with you on social media.  Funny thing is Facebook and LinkedIn are now the “search engines” before google for me.  Might as well see who’s in your area to network with, you might just be able to expand your referral network! #GreatIdea

Try this, and let me know how it goes.  I bet you find a Realtor you’re not networked with and you can start with “liking” their page.  Then “friend” them, and social sell backwards to help yourself expand whom you have as a referral partner.

If your looking for an AE to help you source new deals and help you close loans hit me up! We give leads back to you when your past clients have their credit pulled in the future.  Great mix of products including a NINA investor loan! – Great rate special on all Government loans 680+ FICO this month.  (.375 extra)!  Let’s Do Business!

Whacked Out Wednesday – Appraisal Costs, Mortgage Fraud, and Marketing

#WhackedOutWednesday – Some great info in today’s video.  Be sure to watch it below.  On the content of marketing this week, one of the biggest problems I see is that LO’s attempt to do Facebook ads, and do not get the results they wanted.  The biggest problem with this is running a paid ad without any real knowledge of how to advertise themselves.  Organically.  You can do it several places, as mentioned yesterday you should have a fan page that you do organic posting and campaigns on.  If you learn to push and pull your messages you can increase your click through rates and lower your costs per click with organic exposure on your own paid ads.

What I suggest is to know at least something on how to increase your own results online BEFORE you go spend money on paid ads.  While it’s enticing to have leads exclusive to you to show up in your CRM or email box immediately, don’t waste your money without knowing some basics of how to make the paid ad perform better yourself.  Even if you pay someone else to do it.  This is called optimizing your ad.  And can be done through re-targeting and with organic exposure.  What I suggest is to know the difference on what types of “ads” to do.  There are direct campaigns and indirect campaigns a mortgage company can do.  A indirect campaign is a one that goes after anything but a mortgage straight up.  A home, a divorce attorney, a new home build, a tax preparer, any other than a mortgage.  A direct campaign is just that, a direct marketing message for interest in a mortgage.  Simple.  My rate’s awesome, click here.  (maybe not that verbiage but you get the point)

There are a ton of tools that allow you to do these types of campaigns, click funnels, lead pops, lead pages etc.  They are all viable for you to create a campaign.  To capture a lead you can use a wufoo form, or use a service that helps do it all like listing booster.  What I did in the beginning is used all the FREE tools that I could.  That way I had leads and loans closing in order to invest.  If you research these “funnels” and ads and what it takes to put a big campaign like this together, you will quickly see it costs a pretty penny.  So what I did was put together a way to help others start with the organic side of things.  That way YOU can gain leads FREE and use tools to help you capture an audience all FREE.  Instead of spending hundreds a month for each application.  What I put together was a training called the BLUEPRINT, where I help others learn to generate business online.  I teach various different types of posts to do and how to structure them to help you grow.  FREE, without paid ads.  The BLUEPRINT is a way to get started – Click here!


Call me for all I gotta guy questions! If you are a mortgage broker and want great options for products pricing and AMC’s (as I mentioned) fill in below!


Two for Tuesday – Social Selling tips

#TwoforTuesday – How are you using social media?  As a search engine yet?  As a way to search for new referral partners?  Two things, groups and pages!  If you don’t have a page yourself and you sell RE or Mortgages, make one.  Then grow it.  Second, join groups all the time, don’t just add a bunch at once FB will block you for that.  There are groups for just about everything, I suggest you join groups that support your past times, hobbies and likes.  That way it’s easier for you to develop a presence that you can leverage later.

Do not “advertise” in groups unless you add value to the group first, just thoughts.  As owner of over 10 groups, most around 3000 people, I segment the content and group focus for the types of people I want to “gather in there”.  It’s a way for me to build an audience and add value to everyone.  You should do the same, and join groups that are not yours and develop a presence in them to be seen as an authority.  It’s easy to do if you are adding value to the group based on the groups focus.  As far as pages go, you should be advertising on your page and then sharing that relevant post into groups that coincide with that content.  Pages are also a great thing to “look up” and expand your referral network with.  Most LO’s spend too much time focusing on just RE agents when they could be getting leads from different types of partners.  Use FB pages to search those in your area that could be a good fit for you to network with.  As an added “bonus” make sure you are gaining testimonials and looking at testimonials other pages have.  It helps to give them too.  🙂

Social selling is an art, and there’s a way to “reverse” sell to those you connect with.  You just need to nurture this practice with your prospects more, or referral partners in order to gain exposure.  Comment on enough things, like enough of their posts, be omni present in many groups – those people that see and engage along with you on your posts or someone elses are people that have grown to see your “value proposition”.  What you can do is leverage this, contact them directly and then the call is warm and not so cold.  There is a fine line between being stalker-ish and happen to be showing up.  If you do it right, networking on social in groups, pages, and on peoples posts can help you social sell big time.  If you engage with someone “new” on purpose over the next week more than 8 times, and then go back and call or PM that person, I can bet you my lunch they will openly have a conversation with you.  All because you engaged on social with them for a week.  Funny how this works, but if you “show up” more than half a dozen times in someone’s feed, they seem to think they are getting to know you.  Use this technique to grow relationships.  Besides #SocialSelling is fun when you do it right.  🙂

I have #theBLUEPRINT I can show you how too.  — CLICK HERE!


Mondays Motivation – Get Video Marketing!

#MondaysMotivation – Video marketing is a great tool.  I’d suggest it for just about everything.  From prospecting, to pitching, to asking for referrals.  You could even use it to help expand your referral network by showing your office or culture in a video.  People want to work with “interesting people” whom can add value to them.  Start standing out yourself, turning your phone sideways and hitting the record button is not hard.

Do you need a fancy smancy video openner? – No I didn’t have one for two years and it still helped me.  Do you need to be perfect? – No, in fact, be imperfect on purpose, show you are real.  It will help you get past being video shy.  Video is the way to make impact and I would suggest you try it to client by maybe doing a video follow up.  Instead of calling give your client a pipeline follow up and let them know how their loan is going – In a short video.  Send it to their email, text and IM.  And at the end ask for a referral.

I bet you see some action from doing this.  You will notice your message is received and you will have fun doing it.  Video marketing can be used for just about any part of the process in a mortgage, and the more you embrace to use it, the more business automation it can help you have.  You can make one video as a body to deliver the said message on a loan or process, and just create a custom intro so it’s tailored for the client/prospect.

If you do this right, it’s a home run in a many ways.  If you do nothing, you’ll soon see a video from your competitor in the area.  – I promise.  Get video marketing, start today!

As always #SellWell – For your start in the BLUEPRINT to help you have a place to put your “video’s” – hit me up! – I have the Facebook fan page blueprint to help you gain exposure, and do it FREE.

The Blueprint – Ultimate Facebook Fan page Marketing campaign guide ↓

Weekend Call to Action – There’s GOLD in them lists!

#WeekendCalltoAction – There’s GOLD in them lists you develop! You have to go back and update them, add to them constantly, re-market them and stay in front of them!

If you’re in the mortgage industry for any length of time I’d suggest you go back through your lists and update them, reconnect and re-market your database.  A great in is to know or “remember’ what each person does, and that person may be able to open a new networking opportunity for you.  Even if it’s being the newest addition to some corporate benefits program at some corporate USA role your past client is at.  You’ll never know if you don’t market to them.

Especially those “self employed” borrowers and offering to help their employee’s get a home too! There’s GOLD in them lists, you just have to market to them with a little tenacity.  Consistency is key in everything, even email marketing.  There is definately something to be said about those that build and develop a list over time.  If you go back and maintain that list, add to it and retarget them periodically you will be surprised at what “bites” you get.  It may not be them looking, but it’s a great way to gain referrals and keep your name top of mind when it comes to home loans.

Hope you find some GOLD at the end of the rainbow too! Happy St. Patty’s day weekend ya’ll – #SellWell