Whacked Out Wednesday -FHA DTI Buckets!!

#WhackedOutWednesday – FHA DTI Buckets are the most commonly asked about question in the last several months.  It never gets old going over this.  DU has these numbers embedded in it.  So if you follow the general rules here, you can look at a 1008 and determine if you have a loan without even running DU.  Know these three buckets inside and out.

Sure FHA allows up to 57 DTI, or 56.999, BUT, that’s not going to fly with a 585 FICO, it just isn’t.  The second bucket would be your magic number more than likely, or something close to it.  ↓

Get with the pro’s already to help you structure your loan, and actually close it.  After all funding loans is what gets you paid!! $$ Don’t get stuck with loans you can’t close, structure it right in the beginning.  #GetOnPoint with #BluePointMtg!  CLICK HERE to sign up and be the newest Mortgage Partner to our wholesale family!  #LetsDoBusiness

I’m in the office helping LO’s structure and close loans.  All new LO’s that send in their first deal in April get an additional .25 price incentive. (excludes Non-Agency and must be locked by April 3oth)

As Always –


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