Mondays Motivation – Deals are in the details! #LunchNLearn

#MondaysMotivation – The Deals are in the details!  Pay attention to the details on the 1003, on the credit report, what DU says etc.  There are a TON of details that make or break deals all the time.  Just understand Deals are in the details and go about your week to make the details count!  #MyAdvice

Today I go over some #Details that could help you make deals.  1st and 2nd are announcements from HUD, 3rd is a reminder on identity of interest transactions.  Watch the details, make loans work because of it.  Hint I saw one detail that listed the prior addresses on a credit report that indicate they “lived” at a subject property prior to purchase contract.  #IdentityofInterest is questioned as a result.  Deals are in the details, make sure you look at them.  #SellWell

As always I’m here to help with “I gotta guy questions” and scenarios upfront.  The more prescreen I do for my broker’s the more they close.  Use me to help you get your loans done, that’s what I’m here for!  #LetsDoBusiness

As Always –


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