Mortgage Marketing Syndicates

Want content to use to help you with your Branding?  While I’ve taught the “how to” to many LO’s and Broker’s over the years, the common needed item always comes up, CONTENT!

In my “The BluePrint” training I teach the types of posts to do and why.   How to do them and when, all to gain organic FREE marketing.  That course you can view on the left of the blog.  No matter what I taught, the most needed item always tends to be needed content to use.

So we solved this needed problem with a membership only Facebook group.  Called Mortgage Marketing Syndicates.  There, several other industry leaders and I post things that LO’s can use as content several times a day.  There’s over 1 year of content someone can use at this point.

This is a smaller knit group as of now, and we encourage the use of #Copy #Paste #Post and #Profit of these pictures, posts, ideas, topics and engagement hacks to make your own.  Want to WIN on organically building a brand and learn to push and pull your own messages without paying FB a bunch of money?

Join Us In Creating Excitement together in Mortgage Marketing Syndicates with our membership 2019 only 9.97 monthly.  CLICK HERE TO BEGIN!

Message me when done, I’ll let you in the group! 🙂

Shawn "The JUICEman" Devlin