Wiser Wednesday -The well rounded LO!

#WiserWednesday – The well rounded LO in 2019 will be the one that grows the most.  Regardless of rates, it’s always about guidelines and knowing how the deals “come together.”  Last year I will tell you I was amazed at how many LO’s and Broker’s just passed a file on to processors and didn’t actually do any approving work.

You know, the act of uploading a file somewhere and running an AUS to determine approval.  Let alone manipulating that approval.  Some LO’s have no clue.  This is what is going to be the difference maker in 2019 for LO’s.  Knowing how to structure deals, gain approvals, manipulate those approvals and straight up look at a 1008 and determine if you have even have anything to begin with.  I think in many cases LO’s waste time passing on files when they can be learning more themselves on what’s approve-able and what’s not.

No doubt doing loans is an art.  And if you’re going to succeed in 2019, the biggest thing you need to be doing is understanding guidelines and how loans come together.  #GetWiser!

If you want guidance as a LO/Broker on how to run AUS and what is going to be approved reach out to me.  I coach LO’s all day long.  Let’s do business in 2019 – CLICK HERE!

As Always –


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