Weekend Call to Action – JUICY List Action!

#WeekendCalltoAction – Join Us In Creating Yes’s for your PIPELINE!! All this week I highlighted those companies, tools and apps that are on this list, today is no exception as these companies help LO’s increase their business!  In a lot of cases 10X their production.  There’s three “trainings” I highlight today and encourage you to take action on something that was spot-lighted this week on the #JUICYList!

The number one on going training for years now is the MMBC boys!  I should say girls too, I know they have some newer instructors! 🙂  The Military Mortgage Boot Camp is an amazing training that teaches segmenting to LO’s for VA loans.  How to do them, how to market them, how to just about everything VA.  It’s an awesome training I recommend for anyone in the business! CLICK HERE FOR VA TRAINING!

The next thing to do is level up! Why not do it with #NextLevelLO training!  These guys are fantastic at such a well rounded training.  From how to be effective in follow up, to handling objections, to marketing, to automating processes.  This training typically increases an LO’s production by double in the months following the training.  CLICK HERE TO GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL!

Then as you learn all this, you might be inclined to take advantage of online marketing in some form or fashion.  (DUHHH – this is taught in all trainings) And the number 1 fear or perhaps problem that I looked to solve was what an LO can be posting, when to post it, and what to do with it to gain exposure.  I call it a Branding strategy, and it’s labeled #TheBluePrint that I’ve had as an organic training for over 2 years now.  If you struggle with online marketing at all and just don’t know where to start, this is the gateway to help you expand.  CLICK HERE FOR THE BLUEPRINT!

Look I get it, your sick of links and shiny objects and just want to do loans.  Here’s the thing, you need to invest in yourself from time to time in your career to get the “goods” that take you to the next level.  There’s no doubt I did, I will do it more and plan on it.  Why not you?  And in the process let’s work together, I help Mortgage Broker’s close more loans.  Like VA loans! 🙂   CLICK HERE TO WORK WITH THE JUICEMAN! 

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Thursdays Thoughts – JUICY List (Cont.)

#ThursdaysThoughts – The JUICY list is continued today! With yet two more companies that are must haves for Mortgage Professionals.  If you want to be able to leverage your current prospects and past clients, these are the tools you should have.  Don’t leave it up to one company to do your job for you.  Don’t not have something to refer to online! – Yep – I’m talking “Websites” and “Client Retention” strategy.

The first today is to help you #RetainYourClients! The statistic is that the average person does 7-10 mortgages in their life time, are you setting yourself up to be a “Lender for life” for your clients.  You can have a past clients credit monitored for any credit activity relating to a mortgage and be notified when your clients are looking! It’s complete with a mailing campaign to them with your logo and picture, to a notification that is sent to you to alert you when someone on your past client list is shopping for a mortgage!  Retain your Clients into 2019, and be the newest edition to their finance team!  Their mortgage lender for life! CLICK HERE TO RETAIN YOUR PAST CLIENTS

When it comes to creating a presence online you need at the minimum a website!  There are many out there, but none that compare to one that’s mortgage centered, with calculators, plug in’s and full functionality for you to actively gain business off of.  Especially in the mortgage industry, how you appear online will translate to some business you get or don’t get.  Get the #LenderHomePage and make it simple for you and your team to have fully integrated, state of the art, professional mortgage websites to stand out! Ditch the old 1980’s website you have, into 2019, it’s time to upgrade – CLICK HERE TO GET A NEW WEBSITE!

As always I do the #JUICYList to help you Join Us In Creating Yes’s for your pipeline so I can partner with you and help you get paid.  That’s what I do.  I help a wholesale lender give the best rates and programs to the #MortgageBroker partners we have.  Let’s do business in 2019 together! CLICK HERE TO DO BUSINESS WITH THE JUICEMAN! 

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Wonderful Wednesday – Shiny Object Syndrome #SOS & the JUICY LIST!

#WonderfulWednesday – What some may call the “Shiny Object Syndrome”!  #SOS! It’s the #JUICYList week as we wrap up the year!  I have been going over the best used and most helpful tools of 2018 all year – highlighting this “list” that helps you – Join Us In Creating Yes’s for your pipeline! 🙂

Today I highlight the tech savvy, client friendly, mobile applications that are sales tools and a necessary element in your arsenal.  If you do not have some sort of #VirtualApplication to use, you are behind the eight ball in 2019! Both of these companies are good, I know both serve a similar function to allow you to take 1003’s (applications) with prospects.  More and more these apps are turning into a full blown LOS – point of sale system, that is a must for Loan Officers to use, have and embrace.

#PreApp1003 is one of the more advanced out there.  This is a fully functional LOS without the need for Encompass or Calyx.  You can use short code to share and market, you can co-brand with RE Agents.  You can take 1003’s in several languages, give checklists to borrowers, take a full application, run DU, validate income and assets and use it as a CRM to help you gain more sales!  The PreApp 1003 application is continuously getting updated and in 2018 I saw various updates to help LO’s embrace this tool more and more.  Get your own PREAPP – CLICK HERE or if you want to see what it looks like text the word “Juiceman” to 33655!

While it’s not mandatory to get a virtual application, if you compare to someone who does, taking a 1003 the long hand way is kind of going out of style.  There’s no doubt “Robots” of all sorts are coming for jobs.  A LO will always be needed to help craft the best loan for consumers.  A robot can’t articulate certain things like a trained mortgage consultant can.  So no worries there, but as you go into 2019, it’s a good idea to adapt to modern technology, as your competition is.  Get at least a virtual application of some sort to allow you to gather information (Data) various ways to help yourself stand out as a true pro! Get #PerfectLO as an option to do just that.  It can take applications in many different languages, and provide you mobile friendly interface to provide information flow to and from your clients!  CLICK HERE for PerfectLO

As I always say – Sell Well – I mean take 1003’s well.  And take as many as you can.  Why not leverage and adapt to technology that helps you stand out as a true professional.  These are the most used virtual applications of 2019!


More ways to get JUICY tomorrow! 🙂




Mondays Motivation! – JUICY 2018 wrap up!

#MondaysMotivation – Yeeehaaawww Ho Ho Ho – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! As we wrap up 2018, I go over the most influential tools of 2018! What was on the #JUICYList all year! Join Us In Creating Excitement about your pipeline! These are tools, companies, apps and more all designed to help LO’s and mortgage companies with something!  Today I go over the NUMBER 1 JUICY tool that every LO should have!

And there’s FOUR different companies in this list.  Yes FOUR, why because “Lead Generation” was the Number #1 thing in 2018 that separated the boys from the men!  If you learned how to use any of these you’re probably NOT slow right now!  If you didn’t learn you definitely saw them, and probably wondered which one to get.  ↓

  1. LEADPOPS – This a done for you templated lead capture site, where you drag and drop your logo and use it for purposes of lead gen.
  2. CLICKFUNNELS – This is the “God Father” of all lead gen sites, and is the most complex.  You can integrate just about anything with it, and custom tailor each page you make.  Takes a creative brain to use!
  3. PHONESITES – The easiest way to create funnels in 5 minutes or less for various campaigns.  Get an idea, make a funnel and have it up collecting names, phone numbers and emails within minutes.  No tech savvy people needed, super simple to use.
  4. LISTING BOOSTER – The best way to leverage RE relationships is to have a “GIANT” list of them in your booster software.  Then as they get listing you help your referral partners out with gaining qualified clients to view the home.

If you learned how to generate business with online marketing in 2018, next year will be your best year hands down.  More and more people are resorting to social proof and means to do business than ever before.  People search FB before they search google or the whitepages very often.  Why not take advantage of where the traffic is?  If you want help, click on the banners on the website, or in the blog today!

I’m here to help anyone that get’s a deal that wants to close! #LetsDoBusiness! CLICK HERE TO GET SIGNED UP! 

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Weekend Call to Action -Build a Plan to reach the goals you make!

#WeekendCalltoAction – This week I’ve made several posts regarding goals in the am.  What they are how they work etc.  Mostly I refer them as a #PositivePost!  To inspire to you to make goals and shoot for the stars!  But that’s one thing, a goal on paper, a commitment you’ll work towards.  But what about the “How” to achieve these goals.

You should be creating an actionable plan to reach the goals you have.  Not just make some targets on paper.  Commitment to taking the action on the productive activities that will net the results you want.  And in creating a game plan today I was privileged to take part in #LOLifes video live with Josh Pitts.  I mentioned a plan that can help.  It’s about going wide with pillar partners, it’s about having a game plan to market, and create a branding strategy for 2019.  It’s about community events, giving back, making public appearances and really adding value to those in your spear.  The “how” to do this is about having a well rounded action plan to make your goals come to life.

Weather you’re going to make a commitment to make a certain number of calls per day, or posts or ads per day, it’s about the consistency of doing it all throughout the year.   Get involved in your community and help make a difference in your local market in 2019!

Weekend Call to Action – Daily Challenge for LO’s – Make a list of pillar partners in all the different segments you want to grow.  Then make a list of whom and what companies you have working relationships with.  You’ll probably be surprised and identify a segment of referral partners you can expand upon into 2019.  Too many LO’s just focus on RE Agents and I believe a well rounded source for referrals will be key in 2019.  Not only partnering, but branding strategy, online marketing, community involvement and general action taking.  Today create a strategy a business plan for yourself and break it down by quarter.

I help LO’s create this type of strategy and love to help broker’s grow their business as a whole.  #LetsDoBusiness – CLICK HERE!

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Thursdays Thoughts – Back to Basics!

#ThursdaysThoughts – Back to basics for LO’s and a great reminder of how to actually “get loans done”! Seems to me every month that I see LO’s struggle with getting loans done or have issues with conditions it’s correlated to these three things I mention today.  If you go #BacktoBasics and focus on these three things, what comes out on the other end will be docs.  (on more loans) 🙂

Accurate and complete 1003 is the start.  As you fill it in and gain supporting documents remember to go back and plug in the “real” numbers into the 1003.  Like start dates of employment from a VOE into the 1003 for example.  Details of transaction is the heart of the actual money exchange and is often the last piece of info that’s 100% complete.  Why? – Well after you lock a loan you need to go back and plug in the credit or cost associated and it will change your file’s structure.  It’s amazing that sometimes people don’t have sellers contributions or other credits plugged in from the start, but as you get towards the end of your loan #BestPractice LO’s should be balancing the loans structure.  And throughout the loan the biggest mistakes on loans can be avoided by not submitting unnecessary information to the underwriters.  And what I mean by that is to actually READ your DU/LP (AUS) findings!

If more LO’s go back to basics they will be more successful.   It’s the truth, and real Thursdays thoughts you can take to the bank.  Complete a 1003 accurately and 100%, run DU and submit only what DU asks for upfront and throughout the loan, and verify your structure on the loan in the beginning, at lock, and prior to CD going out!  If you do this, you’ll have less issues, less stress, less fall out, and less last minute changes.  Mark my word!

As always I want to offer coaching and help to anyone that wants it.  Doing loans doesn’t have to be rocket science, or complicated if you stick with basics to make healthy loans.  Hard loans, easy loans and all the loans in between I help LO’s complete with an awesome ops staff.  Why not make an impact together in 2019 – CLICK HERE!

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Whacked out Wednesday – DU 10.3 updates risk!

#WhackedOutWednesday – A favorite for many where I go over what to avoid in the mortgage industry and give tips and tricks to help you not be whacked out! 🙂  I’ve been going over the DU 10.3 changes all week, and today I sum it all up by going over what you need to know DU is doing.  Evaluating risk! And every time DU is updated the “Desktop Underwriter” gets more intelligent in doing so.

So what to look out for?  Well complete your 1003 completely and make sure your placing comp factors in the 1003 when you have a higher DTI.  Don’t just skip assets because you don’t need them to close.  DU’s newest highlight, on a cash-out transaction where the DTI is greater than 45 you will need 6 months of reserve going forward.  I can only imagine that other loan case files and risks when DTI is greater than 43 even are being more scrutinized as time goes by.   My advice, watch your C of C’s right now, as something could change the case file id like a new credit report and be 10.3 updated and completely change the output on that loan finding.

If you need help closing a file that looks to be a viable one, but DU or LP just do not like it – CLICK HERE!  We have agency fall out options that can help in these situations.  Think of it as having a manually underwritten conventional option to close a loan.  We have seasonings for BK/Foreclosure and Short Sales that just need to be settled.  Plus a line up of other programs that may help you into 2019! #BankStatementLoans #Reverse #InvestorNIVA #JUMBOLoans

Lets do business! As Always –


Two for Tuesday – Flood Policies and Commission!

#TwoforTuesday – Flood policies and commission income guidelines are the two newest changes per DU 10.3 updates!  And today we touch base on what this really means.  EQUALITY for all commission income!! And make sense updates that make lending easier.  All the while making DU updated to be more intelligent.

Two guides, simple to understand, and greatly needed.  I think Fannie is on to something in making guidelines make ‘common sense’ more.  🙂   If you’re tired of overlays and want to work with a company that goes by the guidelines, has little to no overlays, and does make sense underwriting, then CLICK HERE!  #LetsDoBusiness

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Mondays Motivation – DU 10.3 & Loan Amounts!

#MondaysMotivation – DU 10.3 is here! And Fannie Mae says “expect this change to yield a slight reduction in case files that receive approve/eligible findings”!  Risk is being analyzed and DU is getting smarter! If your DTI is over 45, I’d suggest you have reserves in there prior to running it.  Loan amounts were updated for FHA to follow suit of the conforming loan limit changes;

Conforming limits; 484,350 and High balance 726,525!  FHA’s limits follow suit typically at 65% of the conforming limits, and that is; 314,827 and high balance 726,525 depending on county.

There was another great reference I want to mention in these changes on Friday last week, and that is FORM 1084! A self employed borrower income worksheet Fannie Mae has approved to working income calculations off of.  I uploaded that form into the group, Sales Talk with Mortgage Pro’s! Feel free to check out the #Files tab to see all the cool cheats I have uploaded for you LO’s.

As always’ Let’s go – It’s Mondays Motivation – The Tragedy of Life doesn’t lie in NOT reaching your goal!  The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach! I’m doing strategy sessions with new mortgage broker relationships to help create campaigns with Niche products!  If you’re interested in creating goals and crushing them in 2019, let’s chat, CLICK HERE!


Weekend Call to Action – Connecting Tips

#WeekendCalltoAction – Today I go over connecting tips for you LO’s and AE’s.  This is only because I follow trends.  And when I talk to both AE’s and LO’s that tell me people are hard to get a hold of right now, I’m like well what did you do to get their attention?  You see people use the phone in a different way now.  More and more people are ON their phone, but less and less ON a phone call.  You see what people do more than ever before is “see” notifications.

So my point today is easy to understand, how many notifications are you sending to the people you’re truly trying to get a hold of?  Really how many times did someone you want to talk to see your name in the last 3 days?  So you called them on Tuesday and left a message right?  What did you do on Wednesday to show up on their phone 3 different ways?  How about Thursday?  You see effectively you could actually show up on someone’s phone 3 times a day for 3 days without ever actually calling them again.  If your trying to get a hold of someone, are you really attempting to connect with them?

I’m connecting with LO’s and AE’s all across America, and even when their on vacation.  Because I show up on their phone in different types of notifications.  And they see it.  #WeekendCalltoAction = Why don’t you try getting a hold of someone this way.  If you truly want to get a hold of them to add value, solve a problem and be of service to some need or want they have, why not!!

I’m growing left and right, and want to partner with #MortgageBrokers that want a great business strategist on their team.  To help them close more loans and source more business to grow together in 2019.  I’m taking measures above and beyond my typical call of duty and really partnering with those that want it in 2019!! Why not you? — CLICK HERE to start a real business partnership!

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