Weekend Call to Action -Build a Plan to reach the goals you make!

#WeekendCalltoAction – This week I’ve made several posts regarding goals in the am.  What they are how they work etc.  Mostly I refer them as a #PositivePost!  To inspire to you to make goals and shoot for the stars!  But that’s one thing, a goal on paper, a commitment you’ll work towards.  But what about the “How” to achieve these goals.

You should be creating an actionable plan to reach the goals you have.  Not just make some targets on paper.  Commitment to taking the action on the productive activities that will net the results you want.  And in creating a game plan today I was privileged to take part in #LOLifes video live with Josh Pitts.  I mentioned a plan that can help.  It’s about going wide with pillar partners, it’s about having a game plan to market, and create a branding strategy for 2019.  It’s about community events, giving back, making public appearances and really adding value to those in your spear.  The “how” to do this is about having a well rounded action plan to make your goals come to life.

Weather you’re going to make a commitment to make a certain number of calls per day, or posts or ads per day, it’s about the consistency of doing it all throughout the year.   Get involved in your community and help make a difference in your local market in 2019!

Weekend Call to Action – Daily Challenge for LO’s – Make a list of pillar partners in all the different segments you want to grow.  Then make a list of whom and what companies you have working relationships with.  You’ll probably be surprised and identify a segment of referral partners you can expand upon into 2019.  Too many LO’s just focus on RE Agents and I believe a well rounded source for referrals will be key in 2019.  Not only partnering, but branding strategy, online marketing, community involvement and general action taking.  Today create a strategy a business plan for yourself and break it down by quarter.

I help LO’s create this type of strategy and love to help broker’s grow their business as a whole.  #LetsDoBusiness – CLICK HERE!

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