Happy St. Patty’s Day Lad!

May your day be touched with a bit of Irish Luck, brightened by a “why” in your heart and warmed with smiles by the people you love.  My “why” is the family I have like most.  It’s also the joy of the partnerships I have and ability to help grow small businesses across the Nation.  For all my why’s I drive myself to make extra calls, be available late at night to take a call, make efforts around 10:30 pm to check my emails before I wrap up the day. I have high energy and a great attitude to never give up, and have created successful habits that drive my luckiness.

LUCK is created, someone “finds” the four leaf clover.  You have to be looking down at the ground and see a little 2 inch plant.  Seriously, if you’ve ever found one you either looked down and then it hit you as you recognize immediately what was in front of you, or you actually “looked” for it.  And if you happened to ever gaze in a field of green leafs on the ground you were doing something.  Thinking deep probably.  You created your luck.  Luck is a by product of your efforts.  THE HARDER YOU WORK THE LUCKIER YOU GET.  So in theory the more I work my law of averages and spread out my reach to partner with broker’s the more loans I close.

I love the fact that the more relationships and more people I help see success the more success I see.  Today, do the normal “adding of value” during your pitch.  But try something special.  Today, call as many people as you can and limit your calls to 3 minutes.  Call as many people in your contact list and be short and sweet.  Just spread the joy in your voice, and touch base, ASK for the sale, and then move on.  SPREAD YOUR LUCK OUT TO AS MANY BUSINESS CONTACTS AS YOU CAN.  Say Happy St. Patty’s Day and make the other party smile.  Wrap up a business matter or better yet, tell them your calling to “make an appointment” with them for a follow up call.  Gain a commitment inside of 3 minutes to call the prospect back tomorrow.  For those of you that have multiple steps in your sales process, Holiday’s like today are the most enjoyable on the phone and in person.

Have Fun, spread your Irish Luck out and reach out to as many people as you can in your network.  I bet you gain a ton of business doing this in the next week.  🙂

Happy St. Patty’s Day

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