Two for Tuesday – Monday-est Tuesday!

I think I should hashtag #Ever behind that.  #MTE.  Monday-est Tuesday Ever, always seems to happen when following a Monday Holiday.  Right!? Well, now what’s the goal? Sell more right! Gain another order, another partner get your name out there!  It’s #MTE

You know if you don’t LOVE ♥ LOVE what you do you will find that it’s hard to “keep the energy up”!  Today’s a day when it counts.  First week of the month and already the 5th, it’s like starting 3 days  My favorite saying is and always will be Enthusiasm is the key to persuasion without pressure.  EN

Come with it today!  And have fun, you know what would be good is to appreciate your time with your family and show pictures perhaps, talk to the person next to you about what they did on the extra day off.  What if you did this and it gained you leads?

We all will have it happen today sometime, someone will ask, “how was your weekend?”  These are the things that you announce to the world so everyone can see how cool of a “company” you are.  And you do it on social media, on a “Fan Page”.  There are business pages for everything now.  Instagram is becoming big.  Facebook’s been around a while now.  Even Linkedin allows you to create a profile for a business.  Everyone of these channels are relevant.  And if you don’t have a campaign strategy on each of these in targeting segments (various target audiences on each platform) or something to help your exposure, you ARE missing out!

This part of how you answer this question, (or ask it to your audience) and use this to gain exposure, potential leads, and more presence online and off.  What I’ve been doing has developed into what I’m calling #TheBLUEPRINT and is a way for you to leverage this concept, help you set up a page, and KNOW WHAT TO DO with them.  Strategy is and should be apart of your campaign messaging and in doing so the above “post” would be described as a #PeoplePost.  You see I have formulated 5 master posts and then created activities behind each that help you develop exposure.  You use algorithms for exposure, syndication for interaction, and some form of a landing page to capture information to gain leads.  Obviously if the “marketing” lands in the news feed of someone that needs help.  You should be doing this too!  And it should be fun, and easy to do.

In fact that’s what I sought out to do was to create a campaign generation that was easy to follow instructions that anyone with a Fan Page can do.  Not just Mortgage people.  But that’s who I created this with mostly.  Until I showed it to others that were not in the mortgage space that is.  Now, it’s official and you can get your hands on it too.  Click below for #TheBLUEPRINT





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