Weekend Call to Action – Ask for Referrals!

#WeekendCalltoAction – This is the wrap up of #ProcessingWeek and hope you enjoyed the videos and blog this week on tips and tricks to close your loans in 10 days or less.  Funny thing is I have one loan right now where the LO didn’t “read” the DU and sent in more than what was needed, and that might kill the loan.  (we’ll see).  I wish there was a magic sauce to help everyone increase their business, but the reality is – it takes work.  You actually have to “do” something.  Just like getting loans closed quickly you have to take certain steps along the way!

If you do these things, and communicate with your borrowers, there’s no reason why you are not obtaining multiple referrals along the process of a loan.  Especially if you plant the right seeds, paint the pictures of the process and help the clients truly “understand” what’s in their best interest.  At the closing table you should be getting your second or third referral.  Or a list for that matter! 🙂

#WeekendCalltoAction – Call every client you have in process and ask for any warm referrals.  If they say no, ask for them to send you an email of people that you can call without mentioning their name! – Any way you can, get a name to call!

Today, I will be in the office taking “I gotta guy” questions to help others close the loans they have.  If you are scarce on loans, let’s connect, I have some JUICE that can help you generate more business.  Call me in the office.  304-901-2798 is the office line.



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