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Tuesdays Truths -I want a challenge!

#TuesdaysTruths – I want a challenge, and have already started my journey to do just that.  Many of my followers & fans have reached out and I appreciate that.  The relationships I’ve developed and the impact I know I’ve had in the wholesale mortgage space will never be “over”.  I just want a challenge right now, and a change to “do” what I’ve been helping others “do” for close to a decade is now in order.

I’ve passed my NMLS test (Again) and am in the process of reactivating sponsorship and going back to my roots of helping consumers again.  And I can’t be more excited for the challenge.  I will be doing my videos, posting guidelines, and documenting my journey more than ever.  In fact, I more than likely will document my success in a short time as I’ve made #BluePrints I will follow myself.  While in the #MortgageIndustry for the last 15+ years, I’ve spent the last 9 in wholesale, and built this persona and reputation for those to come to for guidelines, structure on loans and marketing suggestions.  I’m just going to follow my own advice and do everything I can to dominate my local market place.  (and State) 🙂

I know I’m going to #KillIt and have fun while doing it, and as I grow and adapt my own B2B business to be B2C again, I hope you continue to follow and join me in my journey.  As of now, you’ll start to see somethings change on the blog from links on the left will be for #Consumers and links on the right will be for #LOs that want tools.  Now more than ever I see the purpose of #TheMortgageJUICEman and encourage you to JOIN US IN CREATING EXCITEMENT for our industry.  The mortgage profession is my calling and how I serve it will not change, just expanding in options for helping others.

I appreciate all the phone calls and those that “haven’t” heard from me in the past few weeks and followed up.  It’s a great feeling to get feedback that I was the best rep, or the more knowledgeable about guidelines when loans get stuck.  My line will always be open for my network, and I will continue to grow it.  I just need a new challenge now, and going back to originating and helping consumers directly will be my newest goals.  I will continue to share great content for all in the industry, including RE Agents and other pillar partners.  I think this challenge will only make my content more helpful for all.

For now – As Always –