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Monday’s Motivation – Power Move Monday!!

#MondaysMotivation – Power Move Monday!! – Might sound silly but this works, big time! Make a reminder for 2:30pm in your outlook calendar and gather your whole team together.  Then everyone do their power move on the count of 3! (what ever it might be).  It’s best to say something, and to do something at the same time that brings a smile and enhances your energy.  This works, it might sound silly, but try it once!

If you do it occasionally through out the day, it can get your blood flowing, and help you bring the energy when it counts! #DuringTheSale!  I’m doing mine right about the time I post my #RealEstateWV, and #BikesNRealEstate post on Instagram!  You need to plan either activities to switch it up through the day, or to enhance your mojo half way into the work day! Trust me #PowerMoves work, just when you need them.

On a side note today, love love ♥ the fact that LO’s, Agents and Consumers are searching the site for guidelines, if needed use the search bar at the top and search any key word!

As Always –